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This is my site...
with my opinions and observations as I go through my everyday life. JUST that. I don't claim to be a trained critic or expert in any area be it music or food or even shopping. :-) I guess if I'm an expert of anything, it's not allowing myself to be bored. I'm a lot of things, good and bad, but bored isn't one of them. This is my guide to Milwaukee (for starters) and all it's charms. You can choose to do with it what you will based on what you read!! If nothing else, I hope it's somewhat interesting!

WHY this site?
Well, in January 2001, I was feeling the role of the ever popular not-living-up-to-her-potential underachiever, and someone sat me down and asked me, "What is your dream job?" If you could be doing anything, what would you like to be doing?" I said "Writing... not investigative journalism, not novels... just writing about life and things I know and mean something to me. My life." After thinking about it, I thought gosh, that's not really "job" material, and if it was, it would be a LONG SHOT to find anyone to PAY me to "live" and write about it!! But I was advised "don't give up your dream of being a writer." (blah blah blah) SO, since my 2nd love for a job would be a touch of graphic / web design, and I do it as a hobby anyway, I thought "Why not just do it?! Make a site that combines the two things I love to do?"  "Who's gonna read it, though?" I thought. But that wasn't the primary issue. Someone would. And someone might even enjoy it enough to come back and read some more... and if they wanted to share their experiences, it would be great, too.

Who am I?
A divorced mother with shared custody of 2 great boys. Former English major with an emphasis on written communications. I'll admit, I have lots of opportunity to go out more than perhaps many think I should at my age :-). But I'm restless, always have been, and I go out a lot, alone most of the time. Fortunately, I love live music more than just about anything, and it lends itself to "mono-clubbing," as I've dubbed it, moreso than dance bars (you have something to watch other than each other - and you're less "exposed," so to speak). Plus, all around, it's just more interesting. I don't live in the city, but it is where I work and play, and it has felt like "home" to me ever since my 3rd day of high school, when I skipped school and rode my bike all the way into downtown, walked around, and rode home again (it became a "habit" that I wasn't able to kick). Then, when I turned 18 (which was "legal" at the time), for years I would be in Milwaukee 5 days out of the week for much of the same reasons I am now... music & vintage/2nd hand clothes! I love the neighborhoods Riverwest, East Side, Third Ward, Walker's Point, the 'burbs and the south side, etc... the architecture, the lake, and to me, driving over the Hoan Bridge every morning is as close as I come to a "religious experience." (Some would say it IS one now, that I'm cheating death every time I drive past that big gapping hole on "my bridge"!!) I don't claim to have any "ins" on the obscure "underground" culture of the city was never quite "cool" enough to hook up with that kind of thing, although if it exists, it would be intriguing to find out what is "under there" but... I think Milwaukee has amazing charm, culture, warmth, spirit and heart, without a hint of pretension. (okay... maybe just a little hint!)

I'm going try . . .
to hold back from getting too "personal" with this site... although those who know me in the slightest know I am hopeless when it comes to holding back much of anything. This has already snowballed into Chicago... and
poetry... and song lyrics... or whatever I'm feeling a little passionate about at the moment. **note** I'd like to answer one "burning" question right now NO, this site is not a giant personal ad!! Thanks for those who've asked, but... no thanks.

It could go nowhere...
or it could go everywhere!

Whatever the case,
thank you for stopping by!!

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PLEASE NOTE (we’ll see who’s paying attention here!): Visually, I hate underlines. I asked my HTML pal how to get my links not to be underlined. Subsequently, I’ve followed his instructions and now none of the links on these pages are underlined – at least if you’re browsing with Internet Explorer. SO – after much consideration regarding design and color, etc… I’ve decided that if it’s a link, it will be in purple!! :o) except, of course, on the obviously-this-is-a-link tool bar.

If for some reason, e-mailing isn't enough, I can be "found"
AOL IM: thrumygreeneyes
Yahoo: throughmygreeneyes

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