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The Famous and Infamous

Secretary John THURLOE (1616-1668)

English Secretary of State  during the Cromwell Protectorate 1653-1660

Baron Edward THURLOW (1731-1806)

1st Baron of Thurlow and Ashfield

Lord Chancellor of Great Britain 1778-1792 (except for brief period in 1783)


Richard Thorley (1606-1685) Patron of The American "Thurlows"

Thurlow Anthony Sr.jpg (129926 bytes)Anthony George THURLOW, Sr.

(1873-1952), Nairn Centre, Ontario, Canada



Arthur Louis THURLOW (1913- ) of Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, Canada

Bradbury K. THURLOW (1924-1990) of Massachusetts and New Jersey, USA

thurlow charles.gif (94349 bytes)Charles THURLOW (1795-1888); baptized 7 Jun 1795, son of Amy THURLOW, at Wickham Skeith, Suffolk, England. Married Sophia ALLERTON, 12 Oct 1819, at Wickham Skeith.  Fathered 11 children, 10 with Sophia.  Charles and Sophia lived in Thorndon All Saints, Suffolk from 1822. (Photo courtesy of Peter Eaves)




David THURLO (1774-1857) of Deer Isle, Maine, USA, "The Captain"

Elwin Wilbur THURLOW, (1924- ), Auburn, Maine, USA

Mrs. Fearn THURLOW, Newark, New Jersey, USA; "Curator" Newark Museum

Henry George Thurlow.jpg (65263 bytes)Henry George THURLOW

(1835-1876), The Welsh THURLOW's





finch_maria_thurlow_1.jpg (33803 bytes)Mrs. Maria (THURLOW) Finch

(1822-1915), Kelvendon, Essex, England (Photo courtesy of Peter Eaves)






Thurlow, Thomas of Saxmundham 1.jpg (189831 bytes)Thomas Thurlow (Photo courtesy of Robin Ditchburn)

(1813-1899), Sculptor and Stone Mason of Saxmundham, Suffolk, England ** updated 19 Feb 2000




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