February 21, 2000

GREAT SCOTT! Another rare update to the benevolent Patrick's Nerf Page. It has spanned two milleniums between updates because of a rare case of pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicolvolcanoconiosis. That's a big word. Oh well, at least there are updates to the mods section, war stories, and, um, uhh...uhh...um. Unfortunetly, though, this page may not be updated for a while, so don't send me any more war stories. But I will gladly accept your questions and comments. I will keep the quiz up and running so you can always see the results. And finally, there is a new, massive weapon in the primary section of the nerf reviews.


Finally,Please Leave your thoughts on Nerf in the Patrick's Nerf Page Message Board!

Nerf Reviews

Your one stop shop for over thirty nerf gun reviews! From the Arrowstorm to the original sharpshooter, it's all here!

Top Five

Get to know the top five nerf guns on the market! (In my opinion, at least.)

Battle Advice

A few helpful tips and pointers that should help you win more nerf wars.

Nerf Wars

Help yourself to a heaping of rules for an interesting Nerf War!

Ammo! Ammo!

Learn and explore the wide world of nerf amunition!

Nerf Combos

Learn masterful ways of combining your nerf arsenal!

Nerf Gallery

Ah, yes. My most excellent nerf picture gallery. Famous characters with famous nerf guns.

Nerf Gallery 2

The second set of most excellent characters with excellent nerf weaponry.

James Bond 007

No explanation needed. The 007 part of Patrick's Nerf Page.

R&D Division

Check out some other nerf fans' accompolishments in nerf modifications and concepts!


Over 30 fabulous links to other nerf sites!


Awesome graphics & great non-nerf links!


Post messages to other viewers on the Patrick's Nerf Page Message Board!

War Stories

Tales told from the many battles of Nerf, submitted by viewers like you.

E-Mail Garfieldman!

Questions? Comments? E-mail me!

My Mighty Mighty Arsenal

And finally, explore my vast arsenal of nerf brand weaponry.

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