What's New?

3/23/98 Added poorly made HULK character Standups
3/20/98 Added cool STANDUPS that u can print out and play with.
2/15/98 I got off my lazy ass and adden the new Origin chart-1998!! I was so excited about it I put it in all caps.
6/28/97 Venom 2099 stats
Warmachine (Alien armor) stats
Though i made this a while ago i forgot to annouce it.
Future Imperfect campaign setting in the Limbo section.
5/29/97 the Homemade character section has been updated.
The Campaign section has also been updated.
Link to the Marvel RPG Mailing list page.

AoA sourcebook-Add on.- this contains stats for The Avengers, Mauraders and more in the AoA.
More info about how Time works in The Marvel Universe.
Ultra-Girl stats added.
Spider-Man 2099 stats added.