Good News and Bad News. Good NEWS: I'm GOING to E3 Again in 1997! The Bad NEWS: I don't really have any. Other than that tell me what you think or you STILL can mail me and ask any questions that MIGHT be burning up in your little mind about a game or info. And plus since I can't OFFICALY put INSIDE news here you can also ask me about any inside info that I might have. Or about a specific company! Other than that. ITS ALMOST all in here.Here you go lbane@usa.net OR Sign The Question Guest Book form GuestBook Form I'll place it in a FAQ listing because people might have the same question.

Updates to Release Schedules are always being made so check back.

Acclaim Entertainment

Activision, Inc.

American Softworks Corporation

Atlus Software, Inc. Updated 1/9/97

Bandai Digital Entertainment

CAPCOM Entertainment, Inc. Updated 1/29/97

Electronic Arts

Fox Interactive

GT Interactive Software

Konami (America) Inc.

Mattel Media

Magazine Reports

Namco Updated 1/12/97

Nintendo Reports Updated 1/12/97

Ocean of America, Inc

Panasonic Interactive Media Company

Playmates Interactive Entertainment

Psygnosis, Inc.

Scavenger Inc.Updated 2/24/97

Sega Reports Updated 1/12/97

Sony Reports Updated 1/12/97

SSI Distribution Services

Viacom New Media

Virgin Interactive

Williams Entertainment

Working Designs Updated 3/10/97

I am also thinking of making a FAQ List of questions on or about the E3. If you like to submit a Question, E-Mail me. lbane@usa.net OR use the GuestBook Form

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