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To get Microsoft PowerPointViewer97, click here This program is free, and if you don't have PowerPoint, this program will allow you to view any PowerPoint Presentations you may receive. These are usually .pps files

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September 2006 Windows Explorer
August 2006 Routine Maintenance
April 2006 FireFox and Thunderbird
January 2006 Computer "Nightmare" and MegaUpload
November 2005 Update - Update - Update
October 2005 Spyware Updates
June 2005 Spyware, Adware, Malware
May 2005 Using Spreadsheets
April 2005 USB Drives
February 2005 AVG Updates
January 2005 Yearend Maintenance
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November 2004 Keep your computer free from spyware, adware and malware - Part 2
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April 2004 VIRUSES!!!!!!
March 2004 Get rid of those annoying pop-up screens
February 2004 Get rid of Outlook Express problems, and "copy to"
January 2004 What Santa brought us - and "spyware" info
December 2003 E-mail rules and DON'T forward e-mail
November 2003 Firewalls, computer security and connection speed
October 2003 Viruses, IE image bar, OE troubleshooting
September 2003 General Q & A
August 2003 Routine Maintenance

July 2003

Changing default programs

June 2003 Viruses & Mailwasher
May 2003 "Print Screen" & formatting floppies TOT Newsletter Archives
April 2003 Spyware & create download folder 2001
March 2003 Forwarding e-mail 2002 - January - February
February 2003 Copy/paste & BCC e-mail 2002 - March - April - May

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Check out this site for hints and tips on: WordPerfect, Help for web paging using WordPerfect, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer and NOW there is a page for hints & tips for all versions of WINDOWS.
Carney Creations

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