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Our Newest Campaign Team

Jester Aspected Mage Gear Vehicle
Jay-Jay Former Company Man Gear Vehicle
Man-With-Claws Bear Shaman Gear Vehicle
Sabbath Street Samuri Gear Vehicle
Skin Former Gang Member Gear Vehicle

Magic Folks?  Well my friends, I've finally given in to your demands.  I've added a section on magic and things astral.   I hope you enjoy the reading.   It's in kind of a lame format right now (and a little graphically challenged), but I hope you enjoy it anyway. 


New Spells
Astral and Beyond
Shadowrun Cantrips
Adept Abilities


In search of Weapons, Vehicles, Armor, or new Characters for Shadowrun, the role-playing game? Well it looks as though you found the right place to start. I've been playing the game now for quite some time, and during my many campaigns, both running and participating, I have come up with expansions, new gear, and generally all kinds of useful things to incorporate into the game. I would like to share these things with you and other chummers out there. I've broken the pages down into various categories...hopefully you'll find them easy to read and follow. 

The first major area that I would like to tackle is redefining Lifestyles. The initial Shadowrun RuleBook does do a fair job at explaining what each lifestyle has to offer, but I've felt that they left out much much more that needed to be said. You will note while reading these pages, some longer than others, that I expand on the rules a bit....without really taking away or adding much to the game. It is up to the character to purchase a lifestyle and up to the gamemaster to make sure that he lives up to it. I guess my biggest gripe with people is that they choose a Street Lifestyle, yet live the life of Riley with all the nuyen they hoard. That's not the case with the updates I've made. Choose to live on the streets chummer, and you'll be living on the streets. 

The great Sprawls of Seattle, UCAS, vary from area to area. I am going to explore the streets with you. We'll discover new contacts, new businesses, and many more things to do and see. These things will all be covered under LifeStyles links. Sit back, grab a pen, and enjoy. If you have any comments, additions, complaints, or would just like to talk to me, feel free to e-mail me at

I'm currently working on putting my lifestyles rules and updates into a normal word processing file that can be downloaded and used as an erratta type sheet for those of you interested. It seems to be taking me a while to find the time to do this, but I am still attempting to do it. I am also in the process of revamping the LifeStyle pages into a usable format, complete with charts and a better utilization during character creation. 


Links to My LifeStyles Pages

Street Lifestyle .Squatter Lifestyle . Low Lifestyle . Middle Lifestyle . High Lifestyle . Luxury Lifestyle . LifeStyle Rules

Shadowrunners Guide to Running the Shadows!!!

Remember, while reading these...that I wrote these and you are under no obligation to use them. I just figured for the sake of the game that they may help some people while developing a character. Most of the stuff I've written can be uses by the GameMaster to keep the characters in line and not to let them get away with carrying Ebony Credsticks, living in Luxury Hotels, and not paying a lifestyle. Again, if you decide not to use it, it still makes interesting reading. 

Check out the New Advertising Section!!! These are Classified ads for Shadowrun. I've got quite a few there already, but feel free to submit yours to the page and make your game a bit more interactive between sessions. Gamemasters can feel free to post messages to players between sessions for them to check on during there own personal time. Keep your games alive when you're not even playing. I put this under my lifestyles section because I figured Classified Ads fall more under a lifestyle than anythings else, although you can buy weapons, vehicles, and other miscellaneous stuff, plus find apartments to rent and houses to buy there. 


What good would a Shadowrun Page be if I didn't include a wide variety of toys for new runners to purchase, steal, or otherwise acquire. I've included several pages of interesting things, including Special Equipment and Gear used by elite teams, such as the Navy Seals, UCAS Army Rangers, DocWagon Response Teams and others.

Links to Enlightening Gear
Toxins and More
Specialized Equipment/Vehicles
Updated Weapons Pages:

For those of you that like to keep the game simple. These pages are constantly undergoing improvements. I've been adding stuff, almost every week, so make sure you come back often. Feel free to add your creations to the page. Just send me your ideas, preferably in the format in which I've place the gear/vehicle on the page. So far I haven't received any usable submissions, but I know someone out there is a bit creative. Armor is getting ready to undergo severe it's been tested and many kinks have been found. Stay posted for more information.


Characters!! Yes pregenerated character teams. These were created more for GameMasters to use, to save him/her time while putting together modules for us player types to fight, but they can be used by players wishing to be live out the life of a Special Forces Team. I've also got my Corporations Page here. After all, what kind of employment would a Shadowrunner have if there were no corporations to work for/against. I'm still working on characters/archtypes and even some new and improved types of contacts. Those will have to wait, but you can take a peak into what I have here.


Specialized Teams
New/Old Corporations
Pregenerated Characters
New Local Businesses
New Archtype

I looks as though I don't have a lot done here, but believe me, there's enough to read and look at on these five links to keep you busy for a good while. I am in the process of developing a page of Runners, within the Pregenerated Characters Page, but just haven't had the time to do it, and don't want to use a character generator. Feel free to submit all your characters statistics and gear to me. I will be posting these as soon as I get more than three. I'd rather put actual player characters up on this page to let people see their character on the Internet. That page should be up and running fairly soon. I think that we'll find many good player characters that we may be able to use, either as actual player characters (for those unexpected guests), or for us Unprepared GameMasters that need a quick NonPlayer Character. We'll have fun with this page...perhaps I'll even rate the characters. Oh yeah, why don't you include any type of background you have along with the character. That way it will make more interesting reading to those folks that are actually taking the time out to read all of my scribble here. Seriously though, tell us about where the character is and kind of how he got where he is. I'm sure if you hand me a "tough" character, he's got at least one story to tell.

For those of you that have played out a campaign using a specific corporation that you would like to see posted here in the corporate sight...feel free to send me the name of the company, a brief narrative, plus any corporate logo or symbol. Send those submissions here:



PROJECT:   Marvel

This is a special section that I have been playing with.   It should not really be taken too seriously, but I have run parallel Shadowrun Operations using some of these guys (as PC's or NPC's).   It is mostly done for fun, but some of the additional equipment, abilities, and skills have overflowed into my other categories.    Please keep in mind that these are not meant to represent actual representations of the hero's, only Shadowrun World facimilies. Keep and open mind, and click right here to:



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