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August 4th 1986, I was born in Long Island Jewish Hospital. My parents brought me back to my home in Port Washington, the place where my mother grew up with her family. Waiting at home for my arrival was my older sister, who is 6 years older than I am. My family gave me a loving and giving environment. They always taught me that they were always there for me in any situation. I was brought up Jewish, went to Hebrew school and made my bat mitzvah at the age of 13. My grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all have meant a great deal to me. Unfortunately along the path they have passed away, but while they were here they added all the love and support I needed. I was sent to Roslyn Trinity Coop, for nursery school, after that, I attended Buckley Country Day School, a private school in Roslyn. It gave me 8 years of a great education

Since Buckley only goes to eighth grade, you need to look beyond there and try to find a school that would fit you best. All students were sent on a mission to find the school that fit them best. I choose Schreiber. Now I am 15, I live in Bayview Colony. My sister is currently in Rome, for a semester abroad. There is one thing that I have always enjoyed, organizing. For example taking big projects and organizing them into small groups. I really enjoy hanging out with friends or family. Spending time and really getting to know them, is something I enjoy a lot.

Exactly what the future brings I cannot tell, but I do know that one thing I would love to do is run my own business. I would love to start something new that can help many people. Maybe a psychologist, I think that would help people be happy. It makes me feel good when I know that I have helped made a difference in someone’s life. One thing I wish for the future is for all of my family to be together. For the love and support my parents have taught and given me, to give the same to my generation when I grow up.

My Portfolio:

  • Project #1 Review
  • Project #2
  • Project #3
  • Project #4
  • Project #5
  • Project #6
  • Project #7
  • Project #8
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    Expository Writting:

  • Project #1 Pre-course Reflection
  • Project #2 Personal Narritive ("Everything's Changed, but Nothings Changed)
  • Project #3 Biography Essay ("A way out of silence)
  • Project #4 Letter to Author (Susanna Kaysen "Girl Interupted)
  • Project #5 Book Review
  • Project #6 Definition Essay ("Are Blondes dumb or just portrayed that way?")
  • Project #7 Argument Essay ("School Opening time")
  • Project #8 Multi-genre Essay ("Insincere, Insensitive,Selfish NYC")
  • Project #9 Final essay exam ("Summer Vacation")
  • Project #10 2 other work(s) you are particularly proud of (Journal Entry #5 & "Sign Language")
  • Project #11 Post-course Reflection

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