Ensuing... about teens, about high school, about anime...
Ensuing is the product of years of strangeness, wacky ideas, and a lot of scheming.  When we finally got our act together, Geocities no longer had the subdomain 'ensuing.' Therefore, our subdomain is 'tokiyasblade.' Maybe someday we'll get our own domain...

Ensuing means to persue and to chase. I didn't really know that, but I maybe Melissa did. The name comes from Mikagami Tokiya's sword, the Ensui.
About Us!
Annaliese Christman-Resident Webmistress, Psycho, Artist, Writer, and                                  Co-Creator
Melissa Russell- Capital Punisher, Artist, Writer, and Co-Creator
Xyia- Xyia is a highly interactive virtual reality game(think The World of .hack//SIGN). Xyia hardware is extremely expensive, but there are no monthly fees. Your playable character's physical form is dependent on the stats(you get X number of points and you get to split them between a range of attributes like attack, defense, magic...) and class(knight, bard, etc.) that you choose. You can work alone or form a team(up to 9 members), and your levels go up as you gain expierience(from battles). There is more to do in Xyia than just battle, though. You can play games, explore, tame familars... The world of Xyia is ever expanding!