As you may have seen, there are links on the front page that direct you to the previous and first comics. You may also notice that the first comic does not start with the actually first comic. Allow me to explain:

I feel the real comics are the ones that Melissa or I, or fan artists personally draw. The first four comics(Ensuing Ad, Inuyasha 1, 2, and 3) are all screencap comics, and so aren't really Ensuing comics.

What about that Treasure Planet one? The Treasure Planet comic was put in the archives by accident and will be taken out when time allows.

Please browse these pages freely, they contain every comic, including the five screencap comics. Next to each comic is thought on the comic, why we made it, etc. Arc comics will be labeled and indented.

Please enjoy! Thanks for reading!~Annaliese
06/13/02-Ensuing Ad- I had fun making this. I was going through my anime pictures and discovered I had all these screencaps. I forgot where I got the screencaps from, but if you know, please e-mail us and I will give credit to the site or person. I made this comic and the next three while waiting for my friend to scan the first couple comics.

        06/__/02-Inuyasha 1- I had recently learned the joys of Inuyasha and so decided to make a         couple comics for Inuyasha. Tokiya, BTW,  is my favorite anime character.

        06/__/02- Inuyasha 2- Same deal as before. Man, I love Tokiya....

        06/30/02-Inuyasha 3- My favorite of the three... ^_^

Playing with Toys- My first drawn comic. In real life, I love playing with toys, and I used to get a lot of junk from people when I played with them at my elementary school, so that inspired this comic.

The Emergency Anime Kit- No home should be without one of these. My sister hated anime when I drew this, so it was kinda made to annoy her.

Judo Eye!-  This is a move I developed the previous school year. I used it quite a bit to push people around. Amanda appears for the first time here, as does Melissa. 0_o ...

The Marathon- Can you tell we don't like DBZ? Maybe the Japanese version is            better...

No Comic- Ah, one of the many... We ran out of comics, I think Melissa was going to scan some or something, but she disappeared for a while... I still dunno where she was.

Hairspray- We thought that to get that "DBZ lift" you would need a couple gallons of
hairspray. So, that would make your hair hard as a rock, and extremely flamable... fun fun... ^-^

Clueless- I find these type of people are all over. They become masters at one type on
anime, mainly DBZ or something else Americanized(Pokemon, Digimon, Gundam...) and won't shut up about it. I wouldn't mind it so much if they had seen another title. The ones we list are some of my favorites, with the exception of Jin-Roh, which I have still not yet seen. -_-

Power-up- Ah, we had to get this in there. How long does it take for a DBZ character   to power up? HOURS. You'd think that someone else would come over and kick their shins or  something to stop them. *sigh* I had to post this the day after the last becuase I was going down to San Diego to go to Comic Con!! I didn't have much time to color it either...

The Magic Marker

The Magic Marker- Melissa's first comic. I like it. I want a magic marker.

Space Forces-Well, I got back from my trip and Melissa had left on hers to Hawaii. Thus, we were comicless. So, I had to dig through my computer to find filler art work. This picture goes with a story I wrote a while back entitled "Bishounen Mansion." It was a story about Melissa and I and the bishounen we lived with in this huge mansion. Silly really, but a lot of fun. Maybe I'll put it up someday.

Cosplay(Guest Comic 1)- Thank-you Amanda!! Savior! She sent this to us and saved our rather small audience from a week of random pictures.

Cosplay(Guest Comic2)- Just a few notes... "He" is Youji, Amanda's favorite character, and when they are 'together'... well, it can get scary. Fanime is the annual Anime convention we go to. Thanks again Amanda, you're a life saver.

Bob, the Wonder Molecule- I actually have Bob and I love him a lot. I took him home for the summer after making him at the beginning of the school year in AP Chem. I was supposed to give him back... but... I love him too much... so I keep forgetting... but I really should take him back. I had another Bob comic in the works, but it never happened. Thanks Amanda, for scanning this for me on such short notice.

Run Away! Run Away!-Melissa's second comic. She drew it, I colored it, happiness   ensued. Well... kinda.., She was really busy so I offered to color this arc for her... Unfortunately, the arc got cut up by absences on both our parts.

The Pink Genie- I remember when we were talking about this arc, Melissa was so      resolute about making the genie pink. Lol, a pink genie...

The Wish- At the time we had three readers, I think.It's really hard to keep working     on such a huge endevour like this(yes, it really is huge) when you know no one is reading. Melissa put that comment in there becuase it really is our true wish.

Welcome Home- Man, that title sounds bad. I should have changed it... Well, this is     first comic with Roy and Kyle. -_-, Kyle looks kinda stoned... he shouldn't.. sorry...

System Start-Up- Melissa worked so hard to get the first picture of her right. I really
like it, and somewhere she has the full page version of it. This comic shows some of Kyle's attitude towards us "commoners."

Pencil  Sketch-I drew this to help 'convince' Melissa to do more comics.

Andre- And here is the introduction of the great Andre, Melissa's beloved frying pan.    Oo, I don't envy anyone on the receiving end of one of those blows.

Insane Luigi- The Insane Luigi video series that was on was absolutely hilarious. If you can find copies of the files, check them out. I was working on the comic, but I was informed that a Harry Potter preview was going to be on, so I hastily made this one. I have gotten so many comments on this comic... why this one? Why not one with an actual plot? I don't know.

        Comic Con

Blood-Sucking Vampire!- well, I had to start the new arc somehow. This is a horrible  way, but it got the point across.

Ride on Shooting Star!- Ride on Shooting Star is the FLCL(Furi Kuri, Fooly Cooly)     end song, and I had it on one of many anime CDs. I love anime music, but no one else in my family does. I got hushed up several times on that trip. A lot of this arc is based off things that actually happend while I was going down to or at Comic Con.

Run Behind the Car!- Um.. I think I got too into exclamation marks. Just needed a       filler for the arc. This one is not a good one...

-Final Fantasy...?- I was lodging at my Aunt's house and they had a lot of Magazines     with Final Fantasy 10 stuff, so it inspired this. I only drew three of these comics while actually on the trip; Ride on Shooting Star!, this one, and Dinner Time!.

Waking up-An enlargement of a frame from the Magic Marker arc. It's too pixilated.

Ride Up in Style- If you've ever seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail, you'll get it. In that movie, they use coconuts instead of horses... It's a joke we had with our cousins. Being older, I made my sister take care of the coconuts while I "rode up."