Vomited on keyboard: times since June 01, 1996.

Self Portraits - [March 1996]

Fatal Statistics
HEIGHT Up there in the league of Danny DeVito and Michael J Fox: 5'-6 " Under 5'-10" or else it wouldn't look good in the wedding photos or the dance floor.
WEIGHT 135 lbs. after my morning routine to 142 lbs. at night. Under 140 lb. Baby fat OK but no love handles.
AGE Year of the PIGGY - I'm not 24, 48, or 60, maybe 12? Under 30.
EYES Impaired night vision. Squinty to the big glassy Japanese cartoon eyes.
WAIST It's really sad when your age exceeds your waist size, then later your waist surpasses your age. See age.
HAIR Still have some but so does my bath tub. I like them natural, soft, fine, and short.
SKIN I'm hairy for an Asian. Smooth and soft!
SMOKER A smoker dies every 10 seconds. NO! Smoke mine.
KINKY Nipple (ring) fettish. Mild S&M, more like Client/Server.
Planet of Origin Made in Hong Kong Post Jurassic Period
Signs Leo, Lunar Year of the Pig STOP, Men at Work
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