Dinner at the Seven Stars Chinese Restaurant in Portland's Chinatown (coincidentally, the same place Mark, Julie, and the rest of the gang ate dinner the very next night)
Kailin's dad, Joe (right), probably wondered how his daughter talked him into this, but he was a trooper throughout all, even offering to pay for our dinner (which we, of course, would NOT let him do!)
Those two in the back, Jenny (green top) and Lillian (blue top), aren't really Marklings - they're Lew-sers! Jenny gets points for being the greatest James Lew fan, because she came all the way from Sweden!
Markling Maaike (right) is the most dedicated Mark Dacascos fan - she flew in from Holland, taking a day and a half to get to Portland and having to spend the night, alone in a foreign country, in (of all places) Chicago's O'Hare Airport while the planes were grounded due to severe thunderstorms.
Starving Marklings await their dinner, expertly ordered by Susie and Cathy, who know their way around the "genuine" stuff.
Fun with fruit (and she claims that's not her beer in front of her).
Hey, who's taking pictures of who here?
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