The Three Markateers from the M.A.D. Realm - Brenda, Kelley, and Shannon. I never did get a photo of all three of them in their M.A.D. Realm shirts, just on video. One for all, and all for Mark! These three ladies work overtime to bring us the latest news on Mark Dacascos. Give 'em a big hand!
Brenda, me, and Bree. Three great looking gals, dontcha think?
The Marklings cram together for a group photo. Ah, togetherness!
I have absolutely no idea who this is - hey, he was cute, I took pictures. Many of us had been eyeing him and commenting on the resemblance to Mark.
Mestre Amen Santo
To the left, Mark hides out with Eric. Above, Mark wets his whistle.
Wushu Mostly Mark Sifu Al
Martial Artist Marklings James Lew Autographs Group Pics
Marklings at Play
Dinner Fun 1
Dinner Fun 2