Eric Lee, the King of Kata, joins the Marklings for dinner. Eric is a very funny guy, and he shared this groaner of a joke with us.

Eric: "Do you know why we don't have telephone books in China?"
Marklings: "No, Eric, please tell us."
Eric: "Well, you see we have so many Wings and Wongs that it's just too easy to wing the wong number."
Marklings: GGRROOAANN!!
Finally, after a long, grueling day Jeanne arrives at the restaurant, Eric in tow, where the rest of us have already eaten and are waiting for her to show up so we can spring a special surprise.
Ben covers his fiancee's eyes and closes his eyes as the Marklings get the surprise ready....
It's a wedding shower!!! Congratulations, Jeanne and Ben, on your upcoming wedding. May you both have all the happiness you wish for - a truly gracious and kind couple, the Marklings were honored to have met you.
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