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Welcome to my fanfic page!! I hope you enjoy these. They're mostly FY, but I do have fics from a couple of other shows. If you have any comments, or see any gramerical errors, please email me.

Someone emailed me about ratings, something I never thought I needed. As I figured, if you're old enough to watch the shows, you're old enough to read the fics. I don't write R-rated stuff. Yes, some of my fics suggest sex, but I never actually write it. So you won't find any of that hentai stuff here. But, since many anime and manga are rated Age 15+, so will my fics(unless otherwise noted)

Nuriko's Story:

Discovered-- This takes place in ep 6, during Nuriko's absense in the woods. It's written from Nuriko's point of view. Ep 5 spoilers.

Vanished Sunshine pt.1--This series of stories takes place during eps 7 and 8. Spoilers for these eps.
Vanished Sunshine pt.2
Vanished Sunshine pt.3
Vanished Sunshine pt.4

Shattered Images--This takes place during ep 27. Nuriko's view on the event that happens and the memories it stirs. Spoiler warning for Nuriko's past.

Reflections--This takes place during ep. 34. Nuriko lets his mind wander as he makes his way up Mt Black.

Living Without--This is a story about Mitsukake that takes place over the year before he meets up with Miaka and the others. Spoilers for ep 16.

Simply an Illusion--This is a non-lemon (though it does get a little intense), male/male fanfic dealing with Tomo and Nakago. If you don't know who Tomo is, then this might be a spoiler. This came in 3rd place for Best Yaoi(though it's not really yaoi) in the first annual A~ano FY Fanfic Contest.

From the Ruins of Childhood--This is a fic dealing with Tomo's childhood. Like the above fic, it has male/male elements in it, but it's not a lemon.
From the Ruins of Childhood pt 2
From the Ruins of Childhood pt 3
From the Ruins of Childhood pt 4
From the Ruins of Childhood pt 5

Welcome Home:
A "what-if" type story involving the Boshi Twins. It takes place ten years after the summonings. Spoilers for entire TV series.

A story about the Boshi Twins' past. Spoilers, if you don't know about their past.

A story of how the Boshi Twins met Nakago. Same spoilers as above. This is kind of a continuation of "Inseparable".

The Sound of Laughter:
A story of Chichiri and Chiriko. An idea I got from an LD pic of the two of them. This fic won for best Episode Related Fic in the second annual ~Ano FY Fanfic contest.

Strange Play

Note. Many appologizes. This series has been put on hold for now, due to writer's block. ~_~

"One's End is Another's Beginning":
Oosugi Suzuno finds a book that belongs to her father. Opening it, she is transported to another world, where she becomes Byakko no Miko.
"Two Seishi Found":
While still at the Palace, two of Suzuno's seishi appear.
"Echoes from the Past":
While watching over Suzuno, one of the seishi remembers sorrow from the past.
"A Woman Seishi?":
The third seishi appears and to everyone's surprise, it's a woman!
"Conversation in the Dark":
A past is revealed to Suzuno.
"This Pervert's a Seishi??":
The name says it all. ^_^ The fourth seishi is found.
"Strange Wind Blowing":
The fifth seishi is discovered and it's....oh no!!
"The Gentle Wanderer and the Invisible Thief":
As you might have guessed, the last two seishi are found. NEW
"Things Aren't Always as They Appear":
Kagasuki is forced to take a bath.


I Don't Know How to Love Him:
This is a Soi and Tomo filk. Be warned, it's sad. ;_; This won first place for Best Songfic in the first annual A~ano FY Fanfic contest.

You and I:
This is a filk featuring the Boshi Twins. It's also a little link between "Inseparable" and "Destiny", simply because it fits. ^_^

This is a filk featuring Yui and Miaka. It just screamed their names when I heard it. ^_^ Anyways, spoilers for entire TV series. This came in 3rd place for Best Songfic in the first annual A~ano FY Fanfic contest.

This is my first filk from another series, Gundam Wing. Featuring Relena and, strangely enough, Heero. ^_~* It might be a good idea to have some knowledge of the show for this filk to make sense.

Under the Milky Way:
This is a songfic that doesn't have characters from a specific series. The two characters are from an RPG I belong to, but I'm sure there are anime characters out there that songfic could fit. ^_^

Seishi Silliness

This is a most of the characters from FY in the roles of those in Animaniacs. So if you watch both, read and enjoy! This won for Best Parody in the first anuual A~ano FY Fanfic contest.

A silly filk involving Tamahome. Sung to the tune of "Maria" from West Side Story.

Other Series

Dear Maki. "Happy Birthday":
This is the first of a planned series of short stories from the series, City Hunter. It'd probably be a good idea to have seen the first 5 eps of the series to understand this. ^_^

Asking for It:
My first Weiss Kreuz fic. It's slighty male/male, but in a humorous way. It features the guys from Schwarz.

In the Quiet Before the Storm:
This is a fic from the manga series "Seimaden" by You Higuri. It has spoilers for up to vol 9, though it takes place between vols 1 and 2.

Another Weiss fic, showing how Yoji became a member of Weiss.

Hold On Hope:
Songfic from an excellent American CG series called "Roughnecks". The show has spoiler for the entire series. RATED G

Disclaimer. These shows belong to their individual creators and companies. No infringement was intended in the writing of any of these fanfics.

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