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Minh_TÔM at Whitehouse East-TET(2004) Minh_TÔM and Click for full-size photo of LY LY-Huong PREMO
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Click for full-size photo of Tom in SF ROY THOMAS (TOM) PREMO, Jr. (Nguyen Minh TÂM) grew up in Klamath Falls Oregon USA, attended Mills Elementary and graduated from Klamath Union High School (KU) in 1954 and Oregon Institute of Technology (OTI) in 1956. TOM earned a BS in Accounting from California State Univercity at Chico (CSUC), was a California CPA, and he worked overseas for 20 years (1966-85) with Bechtel, RMK-BRJ and USAID.
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We live on Crescent Drive in Walnut Creek which is at the foot of Mt. Diablo in Contra Costa County, CA and we have had several pets, including dogs (Goldie| Taco|Mimi) and cats (Mountain and Snow).
Our three children ( Jackie| Jeanine| Robert) were born in Vietnam and attended schools around world; however, they all graduated from Ygnacio Valley High School (YV) in Concord, CA. Jeanine and Robert attended Diablo Valley College (DVC) in Pleasant Hill and Robert went on to get a BA degree in Graphics Design from Montana State University (MSU) in Bozeman. He was on the track teams in school and still holds hurdle records at YV (100HH) and DVC (110HH and 400IH). Robert is married and they live in Great Falls, Montana. Their first child, Terryn Ashley Premo, was born on 2/11/99, their second, Courtlyn Addison Premo, was born 7/16/2001 and their third, Rafe, was born on Christmas Day 2003. Jeanine is married to Gary Alexander and they live in Concord. They both work for Arthur Beren Shoes on Union Square in San Francisco. Jackie is married to Robert Greene and the Greene Family, including our other three grandchildren, Kenneth, Danielle and Aaron (AJ), live in Nairn, Ontario Province , Canada and Jackie's husband was the Fire Chief.
Click for full-size photo Minh_TÂM and his wife also live in Go Cong, Tien Giang Province, Vietnam. Work on the Rose Garden, their garden in Go Cong started in 1999 and they have been assisted by several Vietnamese friends including Minh Dinh, art teacher at THPT-Truong Dinh High School in Go Cong, who crafted a statue for the Rose Garden/Photo. He also has been assisted by Minh Chau, BaSi Bong (Doctor of Flowers), who provided many of the plants and plant names Minh_TÂM has a regular routine each day that includes working on the internet at NgocHuy/CongKhoa and having beef soup (Pho) at XuanThanh, his favorite restaurant in Go Cong; see MAP By Minh_TOM's cyclo driver and Photos By: Minh_TÂM | Minh Chau.
Minb_TÂM-Click for full-size photo Thien TÂM-Click to go to Thien TÂM's Buddah Photo Album MINH_TÂM is interested in CALLIGRAPHY and has been assisted by his Buddah Master, Thien Chieu, who gave MINH_TÂM his Buddah name of Thien TÂM. CALLIGRAPHY is the way of creating artistic and impressive strokes – one of the highly spiritual arts.
Click to go to World Travel Website We are World Travelers and have made several trips to Vietnam with our friends, Nhieu and his sister, LÊ (Chi Hai). Click to go to the Whitehouse East-Vietnam Webpage Now that TOM is retired he spends one-half of the year in Vietnam and one-half in the USA, with train trips to visit friends and family. TOM is planning his next trip 2006/07. During the March 1998 trip we arranged for construction of the Whitehouse East, our home in GoCong, Vietnam; it was completed three months later in July. See our travel webpages: World | Vietnam | USA/Canada.
Click to go to Tom's Library & Genealogy Website TOM was an Internet Docent/Teacher for over five years (1996-2003) at the Contra Costa County Central Library(CCCLIB) in Pleasant Hill and he has developed several WebSites, including: USA| Vietnam| Genealogy| Bechtel| HTML| Florida| Track| Resumes| Walnut Creek| Clinton| Nhieu| Webpage Design| EM@IL
Click to go to Tom's Cao Dai Spirit Ascension Webpage Grandma, Edna May "JACKIE" Premo, passed away on January 10, 1997 and she is now buried in the Burney Cemetary with Grandpa, ROY Thomas Premo, and their granddaughter, Debra Jean Premo. The Premo Foundation has been established in her memory.
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