1978 Lada Niva Restoration
This website is dedicated to the restoration of my 1978 Lada Niva 1600. You will find some pictures that I took during this restoration project.I will also give some explanation with the pictures.
My car arrived here from Belgium after a 1 month trip from overseas in October 2003. I have driven the car here in Colorado about 3300 km. Total kilometers on the car is now about 57.300km And so far it is doing great , being completely restored and all ,and sitting in a storage place for about 3 years. I have found some minor stuff that I overlooked when I put it together, but nothing major .

Thank you for your visit,

Tom Vanmoorleghem
Colorado, USA
Eng. compartment
Front axle
How it started
Rear axle
Last updated 08/01/04
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Trips with the Niva 1
Upgrading my Niva
Trips with the Niva 2
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Trips with the Niva 3
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