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Current Projects

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Collection of information concerning the different types of Auto Insurance.
"Tort vs No-Fault" is the first of many comparison types.
Questions and Answers concerning No-Fault.
Negative opinion about "Mandatory" types of insurance and a proposal for an "Individual" type auto insurance.
Government preparing suit to offer states, two options to "Choose" from. Check here for details.
Did uninsured drivers make "Mandatory Auto Insurance" necessary Or, did the insurance industry manipulate the System and cause (what they professed) was the need for Mandatory Auto Insurance? Go to Page 1 before you decide

Page 1a

More information -Pro & Con- concerning the different types of Auto Insurance

Page 1b

Brief opinion on a better idea for Auto Insurance
Opinion on "Nothing is Impossible"

Page 1c

A little more on my idea for a better system

Page 2

Guns, Gun Laws and Gun Control
Fewer Guns or More Gun Laws Poll
My Opinion on the Fuss over Gun Laws

Page 2a

Historical World Statistics concerning "Gun Control"

Page 3

Feedback from readers of all pages
Opinions from readers via e-mail and guestbooks.

Page 3a

More feedback from Auto Insurance pages
Opinions (Pro&Con) from readers, concerning my pages on Auto Insurance

Page 3b

Continuation of Auto Insurance Feedback

Page 3c

Feedback from Gun Laws/Gun Control pages

Page 4

Entitlements and Entitlement Programs
List of links and some thoughts & ideas

Page 5

Numerous Links on Interesting subjects
Opinion on closing our borders
SCI-FI info and links

Thoughts & Ideas Page

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