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Welcome to my page devoted entirely to Toys. I am an avid collector of mostly Film, Television & Comic related toys. I started collecting Star Wars action figures in 1980 when I was a kid along with a few different toys. I later collected toys more seriously in 1992 and my collection has grown steadily ever since. I now have over 3,000 different items including action figures, dolls, spaceships, vehicles, and much more. To view a .txt list of most of what I have click here.

I'm always looking for old and new toys so if you have any you no longer need, let me know. I accept any condition from mint in the original packaging to loose/incomplete played with toys. Even loose accessories like weapons, figures missing arms/legs playsets that only have the base, vehicles missing wheels/wings are ok. Just send me a list with description and asking price. Any donations greatfully accepted.

I have had 3 local exhibits of my toys. The first was in October 1997 at the 5th National Models and Hobbies Expo.
The second and third were my exhibits at Te Papa (Our Place) which is New Zealand's National Museum.
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5th National

Models and 

Hobbies Expo


Expo 1997
Te Papa
2000 /
Capital Times
91ZM 'Blow your Own Trumpet'
4 July
A View on Identity Central
Dr Who

For those of you wanting to find good reference material, dealers to buy from, latest products, updates etc. you know how many useless sites you have to visit to find the good ones. Hours are spent doing this so I have provided some links below to make your job a little easier. If you know of any other links I should add or if there are any broken links please let me know.
I am based in New Zealand where serious toy collecting is still very rare. Most of my contacts and suppliers of toys are dealers in the United States of America. I would like to expand my contacts to include toy dealers worldwide and especially suppliers and collectors in New Zealand. If you have any toy related information for me or would like to make contact, please e-mail me.

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