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Dominique Moceanu: America's Dream
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Dominique Moceanu, 16, is one of the best women gymnasts in the United States and the world. Dominique may be small, but she is surely not weak. She is tremendously strong, both mentally and physically and is a hopeful for the U.S. in the Sydney Games in 2000. That's a long time away, but she has proven that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Every time she performs she livens up with such enthusiasm, and the crowd erupts with awesome applause. She is truely an incredible person and gymnast!

Check out all these great things that have to do with Nique!

I promised it, and now it is here before any other website! The Did You Know...? section is officially open. Go and find out tons of information about Dominique. You'll be glad you did. I even made up a rating system for you to see how much you actually know. Some of the information is commonly known, but some of them will surprise you tremendously. (There is even a fact in there about me) So what are you waiting for? Go and check it out today! Click here. 


FINALLY, the moment you've all been waiting for! No, I can't guarantee an interview with Dominique, but I can offer you a chance to talk with all of her fans.  Go check out the Message Board to post and view messages made by all her fans.

AVI's and WAV sounds here. If you want to see Dominique's performances that you missed because you forgot they were on TV come here. The best of Dominique is shown in these absolutely lovely videos. There are already 8 cool sounds! One of which, appeared on this page before any other page on the net!

I bet that you all really would like to see some more of this wonderful gymnast. I wish that I could do more, but all I can offer now are some wonderful pictures. I hope that you like them. I'm almost always getting new pictures, so check back often.

When will Dominique be on television? Click HERE to find out! This is a picture taken from her appearance on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show. Most of the time she appears on television, it is because of competitions, but check here often. You never know when she might suddenly appear on a talk show of something.

Do you want to know how to contact this fanatastic Gymnast? If so, go to THIS page and find out how. There are several different addresses to right to, so your best bet is to write to all of them.

Now, for some really cool LINKS. Check out the other Nique sites available on the internet. I think that my page is pretty cool, but some other pages out there are just as good, or maybe even just a tinsy bit better. So go and check them out!

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