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3 Nov 1994
Phil's in hospital after Grant nearly killed him (due to the affair with Sharon), so Sharon foolishly visits Phil. The Vic staff anxiously speculate on the future. Art and Sanjay discuss the racists running for office. Alan and Robbie have a word with the dog lover. Cindy and Ian interview people for the chippie. Kath runs into Sharon at the hospital and gives her a dressing-down!

7 Nov 1994
Nigel and Debs visit Phil. Phil and Grant each see through Nige's subterfuges to get them talking. Peggy breezes in, clueless about the real story. It's hard--in a number of ways--for everyone to keep her clueless. Grant reveals to Nigel some dark aspects of his and Phil's childhood and relationship. Phil and Kath barely broach the difficult stuff. Cindy visits the pool alone and Matt's there. Racists put graffiti near the Kapoors' stall.

20 Dec 1994
Janine and Natalie are depressed about their upcoming Christmases, so Natalie, Bianca, and Ricky propose a possible solution. David has fun with that. Art has a mostly blissful day with the family. Nellie plays up Jules' Christmas invitation for all it's worth. Ian is concerned about Gita's "toothache." Michelle confronts Phil--whenever Peggy's out of earshot--about Grant tormenting Sharon.

22 Dec 1994
Matt shows up, unannounced, on the square. Ricky starts paying rent and Sanjay bets the money on a horse. The Butchers and Jacksons confusedly agree on who's hosting for Christmas. Cindy wonders: what does "love" mean. Gita sees herself in a new light: Miss Too-Perfect. David does two good turns. Fun at the Vic.

25 Dec 1994
The Jacksons and Butchers attempt the joint Christmas dinner. The Kapoors spend Christmas together as well. Nellie and the rest of the older set get together for a nice non-traditional Christmas. The Batses save the day. Fun at the Fowlers. Storm and stress in the Vic: Grant relentlessly leans on Sharon to sign divorce papers, she insists they talk. (Will this be Sharon's last day in Walford?)

6 March 1995
Woken up and pressured about it at night, Carol reveals what she's protected her teens from: the ugly past with their fathers. But Bianca wonders if the difficulties of her childhood were as necessary as Carol says. Meanwhile, Geoff reveals what he'd put off telling Michelle: he wants to move to Scotland. Ruth and Mark wonder if life with Geoff, period, is right for Michelle. Fascinating episode.

9 May 1995
Art bets against the Vic's football team even though he can't afford it; Ian wants to buy Cindy a birthday present she'll be pleased with; Peggy applies for the temporary license to run the Vic and tells Grant of an idea to buy the place; Mr. Dugan's leering turns physical; Lydia is a trip; and Phil solves Ricky's housing problem--but did he cause it, too?

Includes informal notes on camera positions and movements. (I also did this for a comedy transcript.)

11 May 1995
Kathy's birthday starts off well but the Meal from Hell looms for the evening; early on, David winds Ricky up; Robbie has chucked in his paper route but Carol wants him to take it back; Della and Binnie have fun with Lydia's opinion of herself; Ricky moves back into his dad's house, winding David up every chance he finds; how will Phil meet his promise to Kath to be the sweetest bloke Ian ever met that evening?

22 June 1995
Nigel receives terrible news from the old Bill; Phil shows Kath the house; Ricky and Bianca get a chance to talk; Tiffany gets a job at the Vic; and people find out why the old Bill took Nigel to his flat.

26 June 1995
Nigel's finding it hard to cope with Debs' death; others are sorry about it and try to help; Mark and Ruth talk with his HIV counselor about the possibility of having a baby; David wants he and Carol to throw a birthday party for Bianca; Ricky and Bianca plan a night out; and Grant has a proposal for Sharon.

27 June 1995
Nigel ventures outside to a concerned neighborhood; Ricky and Bianca share an evening together; Peggy is now officially in charge of the Vic and is determined to make it cheery; Sharon tells Michelle about Grant's proposal; Grant and Nigel muse about love; David is bummed about Bianca and has a rare, late-night chat with Sharon about life in Walford, being adopted, and about Grant and her.

Steve Owen's Pearls of Wisdom, 1 Jan 2000
This is only the conversation between Steve and Mel, Steve passing on the art of being your own best friend.

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