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The Simpsons is  the longest running cartoon shows of all time.  In my humble opinion it is a show that has some of the funniest quotes and sayings ever to to be made on television.  It is  a cartoon primarily for adults, with a wide variety of charactors.   I get a great kick out of all of them and below are some of the  funniest quotes.  Just click on the charactor below to go to his/her page.  Enjoy!!

G. Brace
When you click on on image to play a sound (or wav file) it may sound a little "choppy" at first, depending on how fast your internet connection is.  If so, just wait until it plays through the first time and then hit replay on your media player and it will play smoothly the second time around.  Better yet, just right click on the appropriate sound and save it.
Most of these sound files have been emailed to me or downloaded from the web. 
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.....Click to hear about the world according to Homer.
To protect and Serve...(yeah right)  *S*
Burns and Smithers
The employer and employee...or is there more to it than that?
Apu and Willie
They are sharing the same web page. Why, you may ask! Why not!!
Ned Flanders and Rev Lovejoy
Ned and the rev....nuff said!!
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