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The Homelife Area

Newest Home in Coloradoour next house
Holiday Letter(2001) here's the last one I bothered with.
Las Vegas' warm weathersome data from the last several years.
Last house, in Nevadaour most recent house
  in Utahthe previous house
  in Monument, Coloradothe one before that
  in Colo Spgs, Coloradoour first house
Hea summary bio of the author
Shea summary bio of his wife
Miscellaneous Linksfor random thoughts
Ski Area Linksfocussed on skiing
  Locatorfor locating ski areas on a map
Bumper Stickersboy, is this old
Current Issueswell, current when we lived in Utah ... such as polygamy, faith, and Clinton (no relationship implied).
Email meif you have questions or if you find something weird about the site
Tyconium Stent?if you're curious about the name of this website

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