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Greetings and salutations! Welcome to our humble corner of Da Web. Check out the highlights below ... Of course, they are often under construction, because I keep forgetting to scan in and post more pictures, especially from older trips. Is this Russia? The old USSR? China? No! Check out 'Red vs. Blue'...
All the juicy news on our scenic Colorado mountain hideaway, just in case you're interested in renting it, has moved to our new c o n d o m a n i a website.
Various info about us and our interests, such as: issues of the day, bumper stickers, house pictures, short biographies, ski area links, other links, yada yada.
We are moving back to Colorado, updates available on the new house (June 05)
Las Vegas builds the nation's BIGGEST highway projects, because we're growing the fastest... (29 Sep 04)
Friend's shot of the Hayman Fire, from Monument area around 19 June 02
Time for the Holiday letter and annual report (23 Dec 01)
Our bios were almost a year out of date, so I updated mine and hers (26 Jun 01)
Updated the graph of Las Vegas' warm weather the last 2 years (9 Apr 01)
See the PEPCON factory explosion, Henderson, 1988 (27 Jun 00)
Photos from many of our various trips ... not counting the next two specialized areas ...
This years' trips to Colorado (10 Dec 02)
Vacation in St. John, U.S.V.I. (3 Sep 02)
Fixed up the old cruise page (Aug 02)
Another trip to Colorado Springs (24 Apr 02)
Desert splendor in Tucson (18 Mar 02)
Some pics from our 2001 Colorado trips
And Game 6 of the 2001 World Series (23 Dec 01)
This site focuses on parks throughout the southwestern United States, the scenic wonderland of our home planet.
A grand circle tour of Dinosaur, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Great Basin national parks and some other places as well (Sep 03)
Several hikes this year and last at Red Rock Canyon (24 Oct 02)
Quick hike at nearby Mt. Charleston to see the leaves (23 Sep 02)
Pictures from our Memorial Weekend trip to Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Kolob Canyons of Zion, Kodachrome Basin, & the Grand Staircase area (17 Jun 02)
Two days and nights in Death Valley (5 Feb 02)
Michele went to Red Mountain Spa for a fun weekend (4 Aug 01)
Here we concentrate on trips "with the boys" ... skiing and backpacking, mostly.

Popeye went live in Las Vegas this week! (22 Dec 01)
Other games and toys projects (20 Dec 01)
Vegas Collage, also at my other website (11 Dec 01)

I've been trying to save space on the pages by using smaller font sizes (6 Dec 01), and I'm converting my HTML to XHTML for future growth ... Comments? (11 Dec 01)
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