Our new family member: Emma
Breaking news:
Emma, Bettina & Uli are back in PA.
don't mess with me!
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This is the place to get the latest updates on the dreary life of Uli and Bettina (plus dog Emma).

Both native Germans moved to the metro Philadelphia area in 2001 and are now living in Miami.
Uli is crazy about sports, cars, technology, software, countless other things ...
Bettina is a certified Pilates teacher - and loves it. She is also known as 'Dancing Queen'.

As a former German champion in time trial cycling, Uli is always on the move. Marathon, cycling, diving - Uli is definitely an outdoor guy.

After his cycling carreer he focused on his education and a career: a graduate degree in Business and Engineering, positions in technical marketing, to application software consulting, project , program and account management, to management consulting.
A few years ago Uli went back to school and in 2007 earned his M.B.A. from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia.

What else?
A speeding car or motorcycle. A capsized catamaran. Salsa dancing. Happy clients. Lot's of fun. That's Uli on his mission!

Have fun checking out this website.

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