Introduction to the End

BP Underground

Lights out, Guerilla Radio, turn that shit up...

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I'm a little disappointed in the public, I must say. Ten people volunteered to get on board with the Underground... One submitted. But this is where you guys become important... Go to the recruits page and read what's there, and let us know if it's someone worth keeping on board, or if we should just say our goodbye's now. Be honest, be merciless. And for everyone who volunteered to submit but did not, I encourage you to do so, but keep in mind, IF YOU ARE ACCEPTED AS A PERMANENT MEMBER YOU MUST SUBMIT ONCE EVERY TWO WEEKS, NOT WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE IT. So saying, I'm afraid Boogan didn't submit this week, it's just Notmeekin and I. Enjoy. And if you have a minute, check out the local band Kaishaku. They truly put the lotion in the basket.

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