Welcome to 'Unleash Life', the teen-run site for anyone who wants more out of life. Everything is written from a Protestant Christian viewpoint. Browse around with an open mind and maybe you'll be inspired to claim your life and get it for what it's worth.
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God Isn't Dead
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07.08.08 - 'Unleash' is updated with its first list on how to get more out of life, especially your spiritual life.
07.08.08 - 'God Isn't Dead' is updated for the first time, using a personal situation to show how God talks to us through a big thing in our culture: music.
07.06.08 - 'Random Thoughts' is updated with its first blurb, which is on 'Bitterness and Pride', easy traps to fall into that are also hard to get out of.


06.18.08 - I officially welcome you to the site; some sections now have content ('Find Purpose' and 'About'), so I encourage you to check them out.
06.18.08 - I have finally finished properly coding the site, which definitely took longer than it looks!