Welcome to the mission part of this website.

Here you will find all missions of the USS Vesuvius A and her crew. If you have any suggestions or perhaps old missions that we may not yet have archived here, please do not hesitate to contact us via IM on the section 47 proboards at Section 47 messageboard. We hope you enjoy reading our missions.

Fleet Mission (where the old Vesuvius is destroyed)

The Race (joint "mission" with the USS Black Tulip)

Mission: Mess in the messhall

Mission: Cluedo

Mission: Aftermath

Mission: Alternate Universe

Mission Operation: Spinturn (joint mission with the USS Scavenger)

Mission: Vampire (fleetmission)

Mission: Time Regeneration part A

Mission: Time Regeneration part C

Mission: Operation Iceberg (joint mission with the USS Jefferson)

Mission: Wormhole/Blackhole (with guest star Doug Branson as the Engineering Inspector)

Mission: Cloak and Dagger

The Wedding

Mission: Chamelaeon

Mission: Camelot

Off-mission: Repairation

Mission: Quarantine (With guest stars Rear Admiral Loskene as Director Paranak and Rear Admiral Paul Drew as Prosecutor Berk)

Mission: Amnesia (and shoreleave) (With guest star Section Admiral Tettares Hepta, Rear Admiral Keztrek as Legate Zoril and Lieutenant Jonathan Kirk as Gul Ra)

Mission: Döppelganger (and shoreleave) (With guest star Section Admiral Tettares Hepta and Commander first Class Joan McCormick as Sonak2)

Mission: Innendo (With temporary guest star Nephi Jacobson as Donar)

Mission: Nature Waits for No Man (Joint mission with Academy vessel USS Hepta)

Mission: Homefront (R&R&R)

Mission: The One With The Map (mission commanded by acting Captain L'Ola Kanz)

Mission: Bounty (with special guest Section Admiral Duke Nova)

Mission: Book of Birds (joint mission with USS Majesty)

Mission: Freefall (with special guest Fleet Admiral Elron)

Mission: Drills!

Mission: Academy

Mission: Switch