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Training courses Suspended
8 December 2003

All training course teste are suspended until the current troop buildup is complete. Informal review of the training material is all that will be required during this time. Tests will resume when there is a minimum of 52 members. This will not affect any members promotion to the next rank
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CPT Thomas McLaughlin

Reserve Component
Command Directive 04-004, HQ USVAC, 29 March 04, "New Awards

Command Directive 04-003
, PERSCOM, 22 March 04, "Promotion Freeze"

Command Directive 04-002, PERSCOM, 8 Dec 03, "Rapidity of promotions"

Command Directive 04-001, HQ USVAC, 8 Dec 03, 'FY 04 Force Structure Plan, Press Release"
The United States Virtual Air Corps is an orginazation that emulates a virtual military enviroment. This is accomplished through our orginazational structure, training, and our response to real world events. We accept people from all walks of life that want more from their pc gaming experience. This is not just another virtual airline. As a matter of fact, we strongly encourage non-flyers to be a part of the USVAC. This Organization will eventually be the largest of it's kind on the internet and shall continually set the standards for all others.
United States Virtual Air Corps
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This site was created, maintained and is copyrighted by the United States Virtual Air Corps.
This organization is ficticous and we are in no way affiliated with any military organization of any country.
Command Directives, COS Notes, NOTAMS
Recruiting Awards
8 December 2003

PERSCOM Commander, BG Paul Gilreath has authorized unit commanders to award the USVAC Achievement Award to any member who brings 3 new member to our organization. This award is worth 3 promotion points and could put you over the top when being considered for promotion to Major. This is the first in what is sure to be many recruitment/retention bonuses that PERSCOM offers.
Task Force in the Works
8 December 2003

HQ Logistics Officer, MG Wayne Hale, announced today that a deployable task force is in the planning stages. This task force will be made up of 15-20 members with various occupational specialties. Its main role will be to provide security in the Middle Eastern Theatre and will probably be based somewhere in Iraq. The task force will likely be deployed sometime this spring.
Silver Star Awarded
25 March 2004

The United States Virtual Air Corps Headquarters Group has awarded the Silver Star to LTC Allen Almeroad for valorous service in the skies over the middle eastern theatre. LTC Almeroad's dedication to duty and the USVAC reflects greatly upon him and the 75th SOG. The data collected from his recon flights will provide for safer operations when the upcoming task force deploys.
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