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Moon of Mars, Deimos. It’s a hollow sphere, containing a wrestling ring and ring area which is gravitationally floated in the middle.


Welcome to the UWA Headquarters. We currently have three feds up and running. We have an aCe and GWF fed and now introducing the GWFZ!

We are going to be going through some changes. We are not sure as to if we will be doing rosters anymore seeing how they are constantly changing or sticking with type and no pictures, or maybe no descriptions.

Download Beefy’s own demented match!

Mr. Beefy’s Barbed-Wire Bloodbath Match


Watch the The Apocalypse PPV Promo!

Recent Events


GWF SuperNova 5/7/2087

Featuring: Skin Deep vs Flying Titans, and Commander Sam and Thantos in a Non-Title match!


Showtime! 1/14/2124

Featuring: Zeta Grey vs Totalis for Holovision Championship!


Janus - A Showtime! Supercard 1/7/2124

First card of the aCe new year!


aCe 2124 Promo!


The Apocalypse PPV 12/31/2123 aCe

Featuring: ROC vs Dead Rising, Paganax vs Godsend in Ruins of Antilla match, and others!


The Last Night - aCe Mini Card 12/30/2123

Last card before the Apocalypse PPV!

Featuring: Paganax vs Avarice for Blood Belt, Zeta Grey vs Scud for the Holovision Championship, and Dead Rising vs TBA team!


Showtime! 12/23/2123

Featuring: A Battle Royal, and the debut of Decaying Factor!


Showtime! 12/16/2123

Featuring: Witchdoctor News Conference!


GWF SuperNova 4/26/2087


GWF SuperNova 4/19/2087


 GWF SuperNova 4/11/2087



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