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         Agrippina Vaganova was born in St. Petersburg Russia in 1879, and died in 1951. Throughout her life she was a student, teacher, and professional. She first began her studies at the St. Petersburg Theatre School.
          As she became older she joined the Mariinksy Ballet, where she was a professional dancer from 1897-1916. Here she was known as "the queen of variations" for her performances in
Swan Lake as Odette and in Esmerelda as Esmerelda. Although it was not untill 1915 that she recieved her ranking as "ballerina". One year before her retirement.
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         She first began teaching in 1920, where she taught at the Volynsky School, then in 1946 became a professor at the Leningrad Choreographic School. The Leningrad Choreographic Institue is now known as the Vaganova Choreographic Institute, renamed in Vaganova's honor asfter she past away.