Main Points to know of the Vaganova Technique
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Main Points of
the Technique
"Vaganova believes that the foundation of dance is the proper arrangment of the torso and back, resulting in complete freedom of movement and positioning of the arms and legs."
Port de bras [pawr duh brah]. Carriage of the arms. A movement or series of movements made by passing the arm or arms through various positions.

Fouette rond de jambe en tournant [fweh-TAY rawn duh zhahnb ahn toor-NAHN]. Whipped circling of the leg turning. This is a series of turns on the supporting leg while being propelled by a whipping movement of the working leg.

A combination of French and Italian lyricism.

Spring Pointe Method
A method of Pointe work done in the pointe shoes in order to warm up the feet and ankles.

A strong back.

High Jumps.

Complete movement in the upper body.