Vinhold All Hallows Feast
Anno Societatis XXXVII


The First Remove
Meat Pottage
Chicken in Strawberry Sauce
Spinach Tart

The Second Remove
Chicken in Verjuice
Larded Milk
Butternut Squash Soup

The Third Remove
Fresh Roast Salmon with Cameline Sauce
Risotto with Almonds
Honey-Glazed Fennel Root
Fried Oranges

The Fourth Remove
Pork Roast
Spinach Fritters
Apples Royal

The Fifth Remove
Lese Fryes
Candied Oranges
Hippocras and Wafers

This is the final menu. Any questions regarding the menu or recipes can be directed to the feastocrat, Lady Aine inghean Tuathal. Any questions regarding the feast in general can be directed to the autocrat, Lord Timothy Kirkwood. Any issues with this site (or to get to Lady Aine in an hour or less!) point and click Lasairfhiona Ghlas. 1