G'day and welcome home, this site will be covering Environmental issues, Australias Flora and Fauna, and a bit on Amateur radio.

Whilst browsing the following pages you will find a bit of humour thrown in for good measure but i can assure you I take all of what I say very seriously.

I feel the need to construct such a site due to the fact there are far to many people out there that take the Natural Environment for granted. If i can change just
one persons mind about the way he/she lives within their Environment then I would see the site a success!

You will find some of the following pages on this site are not copied word for word from books like so many other sites so if any inaccuracies are picked up please let me know so it can either be corrected or removed. Inaccurate information is useless information.

I appreciate your time and comments and  hope you enjoy your stay, thankyou for your visit.

Stu .......

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