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I am a Management Professional with over 25 years of experience in the hospitality and healthcare industries. I have management experience with unions in Switzerland, Bermuda and the United States.  I am a proven results-oriented leader in various corporate environments, including small and multi-site operations. I am seeking a position utilizing my background and experience in Administration and Management.

At all of my previous management positions, I was responsible for Human Resources; my duties included recruiting and hiring personnel, creating and implementing training programs, developing employee performance evaluations, and executing disciplinary action when necessary.  I have additional experience in financial management, including reporting, profit/loss statements, budget development and analysis, and payroll.  Furthermore, I also have experience in business systems development and management, new business startup, crisis management, project coordination, strategic planning, and multi-site management. I possess excellent communication and problem solving skills and have employment experience using varied software programs, including Microsoft Office, PeopleSoft, QuickBooks, and SAP.  These abilities and my experience in customer relations would make me an asset to your company.

The enclosed Resume and Additional Working Experiences, provides an overview of my education and experience.
My Resume and Working Experiences, Knowledge and Skills
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