What does WCFL mean?
WCFL is an acronym for Wrestling Classics Fantasy League.

What is the WCFL?
The WCFL is an experiment that takes us back to 1981 and will go into the future in real time to determine how pro wrestling could have perhaps been different if not for the Vince, Jr., era and expansion in the 1980's.

How did the WCFL begin?
I had a brainstorm one day, posted it on the Wrestling Classics Message Board that night, and by the end of the weekend I was overwhelmed in coordinating how everything should work.

What was the original concept? 
We started in 1981, beginning by maintaining all titles recognized in each territory at that time. The respective champions then defaulted automatically to the rosters of the promoters who signed on for each office.  From there, a draft was held to supplement each roster to twenty wrestlers, including those champions.

How does the WCFL work?
There are weekly cards on a mandatory basis presented on the Wrestling Classics Message Board, under the Virtual Wrestling forum. Promoters are encouraged to present as many cards as they want, but have a specific day each week in which they must post according to the rules.

What about title changes?
Each promoter is able to run their respective office as they see fit, meaning the territorial titles change hands at their discretion.  In regards to recognized touring titles, those champions defend once in each territory about every twelve weeks.  Promoters may nominate whom they want from their area to challenge the champions as they visit to make a defense.  However, no touring title changes hands without the consent of all promoters under the WCFL banner.

What wrestlers are eligible to compete?
Any wrestler or manager who was actively participating in 1982 are eligible.  Even if they may have not worked past 1982, they are eligible to work under promoter's discretion, although it must remain a logical decision based on their impact as a competitor at that time.

Who determines the results and progression?
Each promoter is responsible for their own results unless a world title is being defended, and the progression of the talent on their roster is completely up to them.

What if someone died?
This is the only instance where the WCFL practices reality, in honor of those who passed.  If a promoter has someone on their roster who died, they understand they will be losing that wrestler on a specific date, and must tastefully make mention of the fact.

How can I join the WCFL?
From time to time, promoters leave us.  When this happens, I post on the Wrestling Classics Message Board that a position has opened.  Replies from applicants will be considered, and you may be awarded the position, although your first attempts will be monitored and reviewed by the Advisors.  After a brief period, the Advisory Board of promoters will decide if you have what it takes to take over the WCFL vacancy.
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