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a) In order to join the WCFL, one must do the following:

i) Answer a request for a promoter for immediate consideration.  These       requests will be posted on the
Professional Wrestling forum on the Wrestling Classics Message Boards.

ii) Contact the
WCFL President at any time for future consideration.

b) To be considered, one must provide the following:

i) Current and active Member ID and Member Number as it appears on the
Wrestling Classics Message Boards.

ii) An active email address that will be made public to all members within the WCFL.

iii) Either a telephone number, mailing address, or alternate email address in the event the
WCFL President cannot contact you via the email address you have provided.  This information will not be made public to anyone, and will only be used if there is legitimate concern as to the state of an existing promoter.


a) There are two types of promoters that can work within a single territory:

i) A Primary promoter, which assumes the role of insuring that all rules are followed within their territory, and that all guidelines set forth are met.

ii) A Secondary promoter, sought and designated by the Primary promoter, is not mandatory to utilize, but if used is only allowed to post cards and provide assistance, such as suggestions regarding the territory, to the Primary promoter as agreed to between the two.

b) The Primary promoter must adhere to the following basic rules in regards to Secondary promoters:

i) In the event a Secondary promoter is designated within the territory, the Primary promoter must notify
WCFL management of the move.  Their Member ID and Member Number as it appears on the Wrestling Classics Message Boards must be provided to WCFL management.

ii) If a Secondary promoter leaves the territory, and the Primary promoter takes a new Secondary promoter,
WCFL management must be notified as in 2.b.i.


a) Both Primary and Secondary promoters must follow the rules within this section when posting cards:

i) There is a mandatory posting day of each week that each territory must post a card.  At least one card per week from each territory is mandatory, and must be on the day designated by
WCFL management.  The promoters may post multiple cards per week at any time, with the understanding that the mandatory day must have a card presented.

ii) All cards posted must be prefaced in the Subject field of the post by “WCFL” and the name of the territory, as well as the date of the show being posted.  The city, state, and name of venue should be listed at the beginning of the card within the body of the text box.

iii) The mandatory posted card must be presented no earlier than 8 pm ET of the day of the show, and no later than 6 pm ET two days later.

iv) In the event a Primary promoter is unable to make the time window allotted for their mandatory card, this must be communicated to
WCFL management as soon as possible.  If the Secondary promoter is unable, they must notify the Primary promoter, who in turn should post for them, or notify WCFL management.  If enough advance knowledge is available, either promoter may send an advance written document of their show to a promoter from another territory to post for them.

v) Promoters may present special shows as a cross promotion with other territories, and this should be communicated to
WCFL management for approval if it goes beyond the rules regarding roster limits.

vi) All cards are to be posted on the
Virtual Wrestling forum on the Wrestling Classics Message Boards.


a) All Primary promoters are responsible for the following:

i) Staffing an active roster of no more than 28 wrestlers and no less than 24 wrestlers.  Injured or suspended wrestlers are not included in this number.

ii) Never exceeding 3 managers on the active roster.  Valets are included in this number. 

iii) No more than 6 wrestlers from another territory may be used when presenting a cross promotional card unless communicated to
WCFL management.

iv) All active wrestlers in each territory must work at least one card during a four week period, although there is no limit to how many wrestlers from the active roster are used per card.

v) In the event of an agreed trade with a promoter from another territory, the promoters from both territories should notify
WCFL management on the day the trade is to be considered in effect.

vi) A free agent may be picked up at any time, and must be communicated to
WCFL management on the day it is to be considered effective.

vii) In the interest of realism, each promoter should declare a wrestler from their active roster as injured and notify
WCFL management as to when they will return to the active roster.  This goes for suspensions as well.

b) When a draft occurs, whether through absorption due to an office closing, or a rookie made available, only the Primary promoter may participate, and the rules for these drafts will preface the draft.  All drafts are posted on the
Virtual Wrestling forum on the Wrestling Classics Message Boards.


a) In the interest of maintaining roster parity and level of talent, each Primary promoter must submit a Protected List of 14 wrestlers from their active roster by the 1st of each month to
WCFL Personnel.  This process works according to the following process:

i) The 10 – 14 men left unprotected will be available for another promoter to take at the beginning of the following month.

ii) All Primary promoters will be allowed to take one man from another roster, picked at random by
WCFL Personnel


a) Each territory may only recognize 1 heavyweight and 1 tag team title for their
territory. Any additional titles are strictly up to the Primary promoter.

i) If a promoter feels multiple heavyweight or tag team champions should be recognized based on geographic logic, please notify
WCFL management for consideration.

b) Title changes are at the discretion of the promoters of each territory.  Changes should be communicated to
WCFL management on the day it is to be recognized.  Secondary promoters may make the changes, but only if approved by the Primary promoter.


a) All promoters are encouraged to recognize the regional titles as recognized by the WCFL.  Currently, this includes the Canadian Heavyweight and Tag Team Championships, the Pacific Coast Heavyweight Championship, and the Southern Heavyweight Championship.  However, it is the discretion of the territory Primary promoter as to whether they will recognize any of these applicable titles.

b) To be involved in the rotation and scheduling, the Primary promoter of applicable territories must contact the following to be involved:

i) Canadian titles: 
El Topo

ii) Pacific Coast title: 

iii) Southern title: 
Jets Fan

c) These titles may only be changed when the group of applicable promoters vote to do so.  These votes will be coordinated by those listed in 6.b.i., 6.b.ii., and 6.b.iii.


a) All promoters must recognize the World and North American titles as set forth by the WCFL.  The following guidelines must be met:

i) Each champion visits only once during a twelve week cycle.  These are to be considered title defenses, and are scheduled on the territory’s mandatory day.  The challengers for these matches must be communicated to the
WCFL President no later than 7 days prior to the date.  If this is not adhered to, the promoter is at risk of losing the match.  Should the promoter have a reason not to publicly announce the challenger that far ahead, the WCFL President should still be notified, and a reason why should be included.

ii) Additional requests for more frequent visits may be made by requesting open dates from their itineraries, and communicating the
WCFL President for these dates.  These requests should also include whether it is to be considered as a defense or non-title match.

iii) If any match scheduled with a travelling champion is inadvertently omitted from a card, the promoter will lose one scheduled match with each of the travelling champions.

b) These titles may only change hands using the following process:

i) A nomination from the Primary promoter of a territory in which the change would take place to the
WCFL President.

ii) A vote of all other Primary promoters, resulting in an 80% approval for the change.

iii) The voting period is only 72 hours from the time the nomination is forwarded by the
WCFL President, and only those promoters who return a vote within that time will be used in the results.

iv) The nominating promoter will be contacted of the results if the title is not to change hands.  In the event a change will occur, all Primary promoters will be notified.

v) If the title changes hands, the former champions are inserted into the roster of the territory in which the change took place, and the new champions leave the roster to assume the travelling schedule.


a) Each week, a thread is started on the
Professional Wrestling forum of the Wrestling Classics Message Boards.  All promoters are encouraged to take part in posting their upcoming cards there, as opposed to the Virtual Wrestling forum.

b) All promoters are welcomed to create their own website for their territory, but must include a link to the WCFL site.

c) Any other “press releases” or “announcements” from a territory should also be placed on the
Professional Wrestling forum of the Wrestling Classics Message Boards.


a) The WCFL reserves the right to decide if a vacancy should be filled or the office should simply be closed.  In the event the office is to remain in operation, the following steps will now be used to determine replacements:

i) The Secondary promoter, if applicable, will be offered the position.  If that person accepts, the process ends, and they must decide whether to name a new Secondary promoter.

ii) Assuming no Secondary promoter was in place, or the Secondary promoter declined the position, all existing Primary promoters in order of tenure will be contacted about relocating.  If one accepts, the process ends, and renews in order to fill their vacancy.

iii) Assuming no existing Primary promoter accepted a relocation, all Primary promoters will be asked to approach their Secondary promoters.  If one accepts, the process ends.

iv) Assuming no one still accepts the spot, the WCFL will seek a new Primary promoter from outside the WCFL.

b) In the event a Primary promoter relocated, and that person’s Secondary promoter, if applicable, did not want the Primary position in the newly opened vacancy, the WCFL will seek a new Primary promoter from outside the WCFL, in order to stop the process, and limit relocations.


a) All Primary promoters may be contacted as the WCFL feels someone should be retired.  Promoters will be awarded ample time to remove this person from their current storylines, at which time the wrestler will no longer be available to work in the WCFL.

All actions and events are monitored by the WCFL President and management. The WCFL reserves the right to release a promoter at any time based on ignored warnings or any disregard or infractions of these rules.