A Species Not Above Evolution

Which are the characteristics of human existence?This has been one of th basic questions of philosophy since Ancient times.Modern philosophy has given new answers to the new questions that arose in the wake of the scientific discoveries of the last two centuries, but not even until the beginning of the new millenium have either philosophy or ethics been able to take real notice of the scientifically proven fact that the human species is nothing special but a product of evolution. This fact does not make it impossible to suppose God's existence. There is no contradiction between the theory of creation and that of evolution.

 The ethical consequences of this fact are more far-reaching than people realize. There should not be "Human Rights" and "Animal Rights". There should be a universal law recognizing the rigths of all sensitive creatures equally.

 It is very comfortable for humans to consider themselves superior and distinct from all other beings and so not to attach importance to the torturing and killing of other creatures. But this way of thinking is based on a false morality and on an absurdly selfish pride.

 Devastatted Nature is the result of this way of thinking. And Nature very often already hits back. The human species DESERVES it. Because the leading species should diminish the amount of suffering in the world but people generally do exactly the opposite of this.

 So if they don't change their behaviour , they will deserve its final and from the point of view of the human species tragical consecuences too. Because the species is NOT above evolution.


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