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"What if Christ Had Come Down From the Cross?"

This skit was written for Easter. It tells of how Jesus had a CHOICE to be crucified and follow God's will instead of his own. Not many people realize he did have a CHOICE which makes his sacrafice for us even more special. I hope you enjoy the script!

"What if Christ Had Come Down From the Cross?"

(Simpler version with shorter lines for the kids to learn, The teachers part remains the same as original version)

"A Knock at the Door"

This is a script inspired by my pastor and also reminds me of how my husbands grandmother didn't give up on us. She had her pastor visit our home and my husband received Christ standing on our front porch! I hope you find it inspiring also!

"Grandma tells about the Greatest Gift"

This is the skit we used for our Christmas program. It tells of how Jesus was the greatest gift of all. Not only his birth but the whole story even to the end and how Salvation is the Greatest Gift of All!


"What If Christ Had Come Down From The Cross?"

This poem compliments the Easter play by the same name, It could be used as an introduction.

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