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Howls and tailwags.I am Weredog, and this is my home on the web.
As you may have guessed I have a bit of an obsession with canids. This page is dedicated to my collection of canine paraphenelia.If you grew up in the 80s you may recognize a few familiar faces.
Ganz Bros Wrinkles
I collect canids of all kinds with a particular interest in 80s dog toys such as Ganz Bros Wrinkles, Koosas dogs and Pound Puppies among others. These are the things that strongly influenced me growing up. Think of this as an online shrine to the various canid related collectibles and toys I hold dear.

Examples of some of the characters and toys this site either covers or will cover in the future

Pound Puppies


Koosas Dogs

Loyal Heart Dog

Ty Beanie Babies Dogs

Pooch Patrol

Ganz Bros Wrinkles Dogs

Fluppy Dogs

Kennel Club Dogs

Spuds Mackenzie

And many many others
These are some of the favored plush dogs in my collection.

Fang the Koosa dog: Fang is a peach colored puppy with a plush body,plastic head and tuft of fur between his ears.

Sabrewulf: Sabrewulf is a giant sized Pound Puppy,a rare find.He is chocolate brown with long floppy ears.

Didymus, a cream colored Ganz Bros Wrinkles dog.There is an opening in the back of his head so he doubles as a puppet

Katana, a grey hound Pound puppy with black ears and spots with a black patch over one eye

Greymuzzle, a solid grey Pound Puppy Bulldog

Snoopy, a three inch posable Snoopy, kind of a smaller version of the Posable Knickerbocker made Snoopy I had and loved as a child.