Issue 4, October 2002
You write it... I put it on here.
That's about it.
Hi. Whoever you are, thanks for coming to reading this here magazine over a year after it was last updated...... good ole' geocities makes me come on here about once a year to keep all this wonderful imformation on the world wide web. All I have to say, "Tell it to the cheetah!!"
After the Storm
By Katrina Gray
A poem
Music As a Way of Life
By Robert Segovia
Well I am just trying to say that music, as an art form is important to me. That's why I would like to make records for the rest of my life but still that is not the point of this little essay.
Billy Blanks seems to be doing an impression of Kristin Hebert...
Poems POEMS poems
By Elizabeth Foote
About the Writers
Pictures by: Ashley Smallwood
Story by: Hedish Connor

The Dumbest Comic Strip Ever Made. No I'm serious this is really dumb.
Old School  Articles
E-Mail WHAT!?!
by Me
it's just something i would write...i mean besides dinosaurs...
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