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Two weeks ill in November flowed nicely into the start of a 3 month work placement in Germany. God alone knows when I'll get a chance to update - it's taken me till now to get just this up!. Merry Christmas to everyone - look for updates after the New Year.


Melinda on the Britney Spears Show - Part 2


The first story in the Interactive Magic series has been posted.
40% of those voting wanted Jeri Ryan to perform the Mismade. Read the result here.

New polls now up in Cyber Magic Library for the next part, Singers.
Click here to vote for the next assistant, and here to choose the illusion.
Voting closes 03/11; you must be a member of the CML Yahoo Group to vote.

Feedback always welcome

The Neverending Magic Story is still here for the time being, but although lots of people have read it, not many have posted, which defeats the purpose of a Neverending Story! Go on, post - you know you want to!

Coming Soon: (Before the end of 2003 anyway)
Stuff that's mostly written, but not quite finished yet...

Melinda on the Britney Spears Show Part 3 & 4
More magic as Melinda shows Britney her amazing weigh loss machine...

CSI: Crime Scene Illusionists
Catherine, Warwick, and Sara are talked into helping "The Amazing Nick" with his magic show for the annual LVPD benefit night. Unfortunately, Nick's choice of prop supplier has some unforseen consequences.

Houdin, Houdini and Blackstone
Ever wondered where those cheesy magic themed ads come from? The world's only magic ad agency of course.

Buffy, the Magician's Assistant
When a famous illusionist visits Sunnydale for his TV special, unfinished business between him and Giles causes problems for Buffy and Willow.

The Court of Grand Illusion
Shouldn't there be a law against magicians with permed hair and open, frilly shirts? Shouldn't someone be held responsible for wasted opportunities and botched performances? All rise...

The Jack Carter Show
As well as co-presenting Interactive Magic, he has his own show. Each week, a different celebrity guest.