Fusion Dance: Basically just what the name suggests, a dance in which two fighters perform a dance to fuse into one whole being. Goku learned this style of fusion during the five years of inactivity between the end of the Cell Game and before Gohan's start at Orange Star High School. The fusers must be similar in size, build, and powerlevel (The stronger fighter can simply just lower his powerlevel to match the fighter with the lower powerlevel to meet this requirement). Any mistakes in performing the dance can cause defective fusions. This form of fusion only lasts for exactly 30 minutes, so after this time period the two fighters de-fuse into their own two beings. It hasn't been successful to break the fusion before or after the 30 minute time period.
- The two fighters must be similar in size, build, and power
- Must perform the dance correctly for a successful fusion
- Fusion only lasts for 30 minutes

Porterra Fusion: The fusion technique of choice for Kaioushins, this technique is allegedly hundreds of times better than that of the "Fusion Dance". The two fighters that wish to fuse had to wear an earing, each having one in the opposite ear of the other fighter. After this is done, they can fuse into one being (Which in prospective causes the final being to have 2 earings on). This fusion was meant to be permanent, but unexpected conditions caused the break-up of the two fusers.

- A set of earings (one per fighter)
- Both fighters must wear their earings on opposing ears
- Each person can ONLY have one such fusion in a lifetime
- The effects of the fusion is permanent (supposedly)

Namekian Fusion: The way of fusing by the Namekians. This is a way for 2 Namekians to fuse into one being. No special objects or performances are needed for this type of fusion. The fuser just has to place his hand on the person that he wishes to fuse with (being that the person being fused allows the act), and they just merge into one. There are no set time periods for this type of fusion, and the two fighers can de-fuse at any point of time.
The fuser's must be Namekians (makes some sense?)
- Both fusers must agree to fusing to eachother
- Size and Powerlevel has no effect on the fusing
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