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Wildlife in India

India is unique in the richness and diversity of its vegetation and wildlife. One can find almost 355 mammal species, nearly 2200 forms of bird species and more than 32,000 species of insects. India also consists several species of fish, amphibians and reptiles. India also consists several wildlife parks, reserves, sanctuaries and forests which are vital to the conservation of endangered species, such as Bengal tiger, the Asiatic Elephant, Lion, the Snow Leopard and Siberian Crane. One can see wildlife of India in four places and these are wildlife parks, widlife resorts, wildlife sanctuaries and forests.

The presence or absence of an animal or plant in a certain region depends on ecological, geographical and historical factors. The wild animals can establish in a region only if the range of conditions under which the species or individuals can thrive is prevailing there. Animals and plants are living indicators of the characteristics of their environment. In order to know the range of species in an area, it is necessary to know in detail the conditions required for the species to live and thrive.

Prior to the advent of British regime, wildlife was relatively abundant in most areas of the country particularly in the erstwhile Princely States where hunting by the general public was strictly forbidden. But later, the forests and animals living in them came under heavy strain during British regime. With the advent of British on Indian soil commercial of forests was started for ship building railways, other industries and for export. The forests were cleared for human settlements. Wild animals were hunted down for adorning their drawing rooms and banquet halls with trophies. Reckless hunting too caused the steady depletion of India's wildlife. Tigers, elephants, cheetahs, rhinoceros, etc., were ruthlessly killed. Later after Independence, with the abolition of Princely States and the thoughtless destruction of wildlife through commercialized poaching and the widespread occupation of forest for agriculture and certain development projects the frontiers of wildlife receded into the more hilly and inaccessible areas. Most species were mercilessly persecuted to the verge of extinction. It was only around 1960s the gravity of the situation was realized by those in authority and concerted measures were taken to the conserve the remnants of India's wildlife.

Ecology is the basis for all animal life and their habitat to live and flourish. India is having different diverse ecological conditions depending on the rainfall, temperature, altitude, and soil conditions. Thus on the bias of flora, fauna, climatic and edaphic conditions India is divided into several parts.

Thus, it can be seen in the forests of the ecological zones thousands of species of mammals, aves (birds), reptiles, amphibians and fishes are found in the country.

Wildlife Resorts In India

Come to India and explore the unexplored wildlife of India. Also stay in beautiful wildlife resorts of India. Wildlife resorts play a very major part when you go for watch the wildlife of India. It provides comfort and pleasure during your tour. Indian wildlife resorts and lodges provide all type of accommodation to cater every type of visitor. These resorts and lodges also provide their beautiful surrounding which make them their preferred destination. Some famous wildlife resorts and wildlife lodges in India are Wild Grass Lodge - Kaziranga, Bharatpur Forest Lodge - Bharatpur, The Gir Lodge - Gir, Tiger Moon Resort - Ranthambore, Tiger Trails Safari Lodge and many more.

Wildlife National Parks in India

There are lots of Wildlife National Parks in India which are famous for their flora and fauna. You can find approximatly 80 well known and famous national parks in India. There are approximatly 440 wildlife sanctuaries in India. Each and every National park and Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its rare wildlife population. Here in these wildlife national parks, one can even find from common deer to rare species of Tigers which are impossible to see in any other part of the world. India is also famous for royal bengal Tigers and White Tigers. So, wildlife national parks of India puts too much significance in terms of preserving wildlife species in large quantity.

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

If you want to grab the real adventure in India and want to see the dangerous wildlife from very near then you should definately visit the Wildlife sanctuaries in india. These Wildlife Sanctuaries offers an adventurous experience to you. There are lots of options for you to see and explore these widllife sanctuaries in which popular option is by safari on elephant back. As I have already mentioned that India consists approximately 440 famous wildlife sanctuaries. All sanctuaries of India are well known in the world but some are world famous wildlife sanctuaries like Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary.

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