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Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

If you want to grab the real adventure in India and want to see the dangerous wildlife from very near then you should definately visit the Wildlife sanctuaries in india. These Wildlife Sanctuaries offers an adventurous experience to you. There are lots of options for you to see and explore these widllife sanctuaries in which popular option is by safari on elephant back. As I have already mentioned that India consists approximately 440 famous wildlife sanctuaries. All sanctuaries of India are well known in the world but some are world famous wildlife sanctuaries like Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary.

It really provides an exciting feeling to be in India for exploring its wildlife in its best wildlife sanctuaries. Indian wildlife sanctuaries are situated away from the busy cities and crowd. In its 440 sanctuaries, India provides the rare species which one can not even imagine. These wildlife sanctuaries provides us the opportunity to explore the wildlife and its habitats from very near which no one can provide us. To see and capture the snaps of tigers and lions is not a easy task which these wildlife sanctuaries have made easy for us. The total area of India's protected wilderness is approximately 140,000 sq km. Explore these areas on elephant back, through jeep or boat safari or in through medium of night safaris.

Sanctuaries are accorded a lesser level of regulation, for in sanctuaries certain type of activities might be permitted not only for the better protection of wildlife, but also for any other good sufficient reason. Not withstanding any anything continued elsewhere in this Act, no person shall hunt any animal in a sanctuary or remove there from any wild animal, whether alive or dead or any trophy, uncured trophy or meat derived from such animal.

Some of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries of India are mentioned below.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
Gir Wildlife Sanctuary Sariska Wildife Sanctuary
Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary Thettekkad Bird Sanctuary
Panna Wildife Sanctuary Manas Wildife Sanctuary
Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary
B R Hills Wildife Sanctuary Dandeli Wildife Sanctuary
Sanjay Gandhi Wildife Sanctuary Sasangir Wildife Sanctuary
Idduki Wildlife Sanctuary Sambhar Wildife Sanctuary
Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary
Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary
Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary
Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

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