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Wildlife Parks in India

There are lots of Wildlife National Parks in India which are famous for their flora and fauna. You can find approximatly 80 well known and famous national parks in India. There are approximatly 440 wildlife sanctuaries in India. Each and every National park and Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its rare wildlife population. Here in these wildlife national parks, one can even find from common deer to rare species of Tigers which are impossible to see in any other part of the world. India is also famous for royal bengal Tigers and White Tigers. So, wildlife national parks of India puts too much significance in terms of preserving wildlife species in large quantity.

India is very rich in terms of wildlife animals. There are lots of wildlife parks in India which contains diverse climate and geography. Here in these wildlife parks one can see the rare species of cats of India which are nowhere in the world like tigers, lions, leopards, snow leopards and many more. These wildlife parks also offer several species of monkeys, 1,228 bird species including peacocks, parrots, kingfishers, parakeets, cranes, mynahs, pheasants, ducks, geese and hornbills. If you want to see reptiles then don't worry India also have several types of reptiles in its wildlife parks. There are approximately 446 reptile species found in India. Some of the famous reptiles of India are Crocodiles, cobra, krait, saltwater snake and python which are rarely found in other sub continentals.

National Parks are given higher status in protection of wild animals and habitat. No grazing is permitted within them and it is further specified that no person shall destroy, exploit or remove any wildlife from a National Park or destroy or damage the habitat of any wild animal or deprive any wild animal of its habitat within such National Park except under and in accordance with a permit granted by the Chief Wildlife Warden or no such permits shall be granted unless the State Government, being satisfied that such destruction, exploitation of removal of wildlife from the National Park is necessary for the improvement and better management of wild life therein, authorizes the issue of such permit. No Private land holding or right is allowed within a National Park.

There are lots of wildlife parks in India and in which some well known and famous wildlife parks are mentioned below.

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