Christopher's Workshop
The Wood Man
    by Rosemarie E. Bishop

"What are you making?" I asked the man
who works the wood the best he can
who chops and cuts to carve a form,
who shapes it 'til a figure is born.

I heard he'd made a chair that stood
a thousand years, just made of wood;
a chair that seated many kings;
a chair that saw all kinds of things.

I heard he'd carved a statue tall
that stood in all the princely halls,
but no one knows where it is now.
Through history, it was lost, somehow.

"What are you making?" I asked again.
"What kind of wood is at your hand?"
The workmanship beyond compare
to any other wooden chair.

"This is for you," the wood man said.
"Your seat in heaven for the end,
so you may sit among the good
who see the value in the wood."
This is Christopher, my husband, setting up the workshop downstairs.  He used to be so neat, but after all the projects he's done, it doesn't look so new...
There's Chris putting the top board on the combination storage cabinet / curio shelf he built to get the family room organized. 
First he made a bookshelf so I could finally unpack the boxes filled with books we had and put them out, see them all, and have them at my fingertips.  But having the extra room made me buy more.  And I love it!!   What a luxury!!
This is Chris showing off our new literary corner with Ice King, at 3 months old, and Crystal at 2 years old.
Of course, the rest of the room had to be decorated, so.....
Chris built a new lamp stand that looks beautiful next to my grandfathers old wing back chair.  It's very comfortable to sit in and read.
See anything you like?  Wanna talk woodworking?  Let me know.
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