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My name is Susan Maree. The picture above is me when I was 5. It is hard to look at that picture without grieving, without wondering why my father did what he did, why my mother did not protect me. Sometimes I look in the mirror and still see that little girl, feel her sadness, her terror, and I ache for her. Now, many years later, that little girl is still with me, the only difference… she is no longer afraid to tell. She is no longer ashamed.

Some of you may know me as
the former Feature Writer for
Child Abuse and Recovery

My new site is:
Child Abuse Recovery Journal

I am a survivor, a woman, a mother and a grandmother.
I am also a writer and poet.

Poetry is a gift that we must never take for granted.
The ability to paint our visions in technicolor or
black and white, as abstract or concrete thoughts,
is something to marvel at.

My poetry tends to lean more toward traditional
rhyming poetry, but I do try new things and experiment
with other forms.

If you like my poetry, you can now purchase my new book,
Gathering Pearls, A Treasury of Inspirational Poetry

All poems on this site are © 2004 Susan Maree Jeavons All Rights Reserved. Poems, art work, and images may not be reproduced, or be placed on other sites without written permission from Author.

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Child Abuse and Recovery
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If you have comments or suggestions about any
of my poems, feel free to e-mail me.

I hope you enjoy the poetry I have chosen to share
with you. It will give you an intimate look into
the soul of a woman, a child, a dreamer...


Susan Maree

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