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                                            ABOUT ME

My deep penchant for the roles potrayed by Nicolas Cage ( as in 'City of Angels') or Clint Eastwood ( as in 'Bridges of Madison County') or Uttam Kumar ( as in 'Chowringhee' or ' Nayak' or in his numerous other movies.... ) or Amir Khan ( as in 'DCH') or Ralph Fiennes ( as in 'English Patient') will give you an idea what kind of person I am. When I was young I wanted to be like 'Shankar' of Bibhutibhusan Bandyopadhyay's famous story book 'Chander Pahar' (Moon Mountain).  Later Shankar became one of my favorite characters. He(Shankar) is hero of Shankar's (ManiShankar Mukhopadhyay) novels. May be he's his alter-ego. Whenever I read the novels like 'Gharer Modhye Ghar' or 'Jana Aranya' or 'Chowringhee' or 'Epar Bangla - Opar Bangla', I found my passion, feelings, desires very much similar with Shankar's character.

I was born in a place called Berhampore, about 200 kms north of Kolkata(Calcutta) - the state capital of West Bengal. I had a great childhood. Berhampore/Murshidabad, situated in bank of river Ganges(or Bhagirathi) is an old and historical town. The British Rule in India started in 1757 by defeating the Nawab of Murshidabad in the (in)famous battle of Plassey. Unlike many other kids of same age I enjoyed good amount of freedom from my parents. At the sametime there were some restrictions also on several activities. Thus I grew up in an enviornment which neither pampered me nor restricted my natural activities. In Childhood, I learnt several things like drawing, recitation, swimming, physical training etc.. some of these I liked very much and some , offcourse not!!. I enjoy reading books a lot. Writing letters, pen-friendsip, correspondence, stamp collection etc were some of my hobbies.

I did my schooling in Berhampore. I was quite a good student and performed pretty well in my exams!!!(he he!!!). In 1995, I moved out of Berhampore to pursue Engineering. Four years at BECollege during my engineering days were one of the great periods of my life. After graduation I moved in to Mumbai and been staying there since 1999. From the little kid in 1980's to the fast life of Mumbai .. it has been a quite long journey so far. From my first independent tour to North Bengal after my 10th grade exam to my recent trip to USA ... my desire to see new places and new cultures have been fulfilled to a great extent so far. Europe, Asia-Pacific & United States ...I never dreamt to visit all theses destinations in such a short span of time. Still there are many places to visit. The majestic Swiss Alps, the beautiful beaches of Mauritus or Seychelles, the great Pyramids, Rio de name a few.

At this point when I look back to my past, I find many things which could have been done in hundred different ways. There were times when I had pains, moments when I had joys, I cried on many things, I laughed whole-heartedly on numerous occasions...there are many incidents which I always wish to remember and there are many too which I don't want to...these are all different bits & pieces of my life so far. After all I am what I am here because of all these years. I have enjoyed a lot still there are many dreams to fulfil. Yes!! I WILL DO !!!

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.