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Hello !!!

This page will tell you about my education, my past schools and university. Also you will get to know about my life after graduation, my career and work locations.


School (10 TH.)

Let me tell you about my school. Though I started my kintergarden & primary schooling in a missionary convent school in Berhampore, but later from class V I took admission in Berhampore Jagannath Academy, popularly known as J N Academy. The school is sitauated in the northern part of the town and was founded in the year 1949. It's one of the best performing school in the whole district of Murshidabad.

I did my schooling in JN Academy for 6 years from 1987 to 1993. In 1993 I passed my 10th standard from JN Academy. I spent some memorable year in this school. Those were the transformation years from child hood to adolescence. We joined there in tender hearts and grown up in those 6-7 years under the guidance of various teachers specially the then headmaster Mr. Arun Kumar Bandyopadhyay. The days of "Saraswati Puja" (Worship of 'Saraswati' - Goddess of Education according to Hindu mythology), or the Golden Jubilee celebration in 1990 were quite memorable. We also had some very good times during our class IX (1991-92) specially those tuition classes. The last year in X (1992-93) was quite busy because of school final examination. Now-a-days whenever I go to Berhampore and see my school, I still can feel those old days.TOP


School (10+2 TH.)

The next 2 years, 1993-1995, stint was at Krishnath College School, popularly known as KNCS in the town. KNCS is located in the heart of the town near the bank of river Bhagirathi. Founded in 1853 with a part of Berhampore College later named Krishnath College. Now it has a big and beautiful Gothic style building.

Though my relation with KNCS was for only two years, but I met few very intelligent and good students here. Also I found few good friends in this institution. Compared to JN Academy, we were less involved in school related activities and mostly busy with our class XII & Engg entrance exam preparation.

In 2003 KNCS, along with KN College, celebrated their 150 years.TOP



1995 -1999, the years at BE College , were one of the best years in my life. Bengal Engineering College (Deemed University), popularly known as BEC or BE College Shibpur is one of the oldest institution our country. "A fully residential instituation since its inception, the University is located in a sylvan surrounding in Howrah on the bank of the river Hooghly with a green campus covering and area of nearly 49 hectares, adjacent to the Indian Botanical Garden. About 5km from Howrah station of G.T. Road.It has been recently linked to the heart of Calcutta by another route through the magnificent Second Hoogly Bridge, named 'Vidyasagar Setu', which makes it possible to reach the city center within a few minutes (by car)." (Excerpts from the BE College WebPage).

I took admission in the dept of Electronics & Tele-Communication (ETC) Engineering along with other 35 students from different parts of West Bengal. We all soon became very good friends and that bond is still alive. All of us enjoyed our hostel & college life to the fullest. The memories of Hostel 14, Hostel 10, Sen Gupta Hall, Oval, Lords, Canteen are still very much alive in my mind and heart. Various college fests, alumni re-union, REBECA etc were the charm of those days.

We completed our graduation in 1999 and it was the time to leave the college & hostel, the place where we had lived for past 4 years. It was really painful to depart the friends and we literally cried holding each other while bidding "adieu". Because of working in the same company after graduation, many of us are still now enjoying the extended hostel/bachelor life in Mumbai.

                                                               BE College Main Building TOP



It's a different life after BEC. We completed our student life and embarked into the professional world. Sanjib, Deva, Sid, Supratim, Kuntala & I left Howrah station for Mumbai. It was a fairwell scene in the station the day we left.

In Mumbai we all joined TCS ,Tata Consultancy Services, the largest software firm in Asia. Our office, the SEEPZ branch of TCS, is located in the western suberb Andheri in Mumbai. TCS SEEPZ is largest domestic branch for TCS. During our ITP (Initial Training Program) days in TCS Trivandrum, we all virtually returned to our college/hostel days. Staying in the hotel (just similar to the hostel days), traveling around south India during the weekends in a group, regular classes, assignment, examination were the corporate version of studentship.

In TCS, since joining, I am working for General Electric , one of the most admired companies in the world. As a part of my assignments for GE, I got the opportunity to work at various international GE locations in America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. These assignments not only helped me get accustomed with international work culture, working with multi racial people, but also helped to travel to lots to places, meeting new people knowing their culture.

                                                                      TCS SEEPZ - GE ODC

                                                   TCS Trivandrum Corporate Training CenterTOP


University (Post Grad.)

Watch this space for regular update on my MBA studies plan 2005-2006.

Beginning fall 2005, I will join Sad Business School , University of Oxford. Since my last assignment to Netherlands in 2002, I started planning for higher studies in Business Management. Why MBA?? The answer is very simple. To fulfill my "dreams". There are many dreams...first of course to study in a foreign university with international students. Oxford, no doubt, will be one of such wonderful places. I would have been joined, 2004-05 session. Alas!! I couldn't manage the needed finance.

In Oxford, I will also be member of Templeton College , one of the thirty Oxford colleges and well known for its specialization in management studies. I look ahead to have a great and memorable year in Oxford. Will keep this place updated!! TOP